Wednesday, March 2, 2011

13 Months Old

Wow, I thought 12 months would be an eye-opener, but for some reason, 13 months is more so. Yikes. I didn't even realize that today Jack was 13 months old until I typed out the date for the first time. Maybe once you get past the year mark, it doesn't seem as.......concrete?

Kiddo, look how big you are! So handsome!

You are doing a few new things these past couple of weeks.

* You are now throwing mini-tantrums. It's not terrible yet, but it's still not fun. When I take you away from something you are interested in (usually it's something you shouldn't be playing with), you screech or throw a fit. I try and tell you "Dangerous" or "Please don't play with that", but you don't care.

* You are starting to be very independent. Every now and then you will be content to sit and play with toys, but usually, you are more interested in exploring and climbing.

* You are officially on whole milk and eating more! The milk transition was easier than I was expecting it to be which is great! With the milk transition, the eating became a little better as well. You are eating more at each meal now. Grapes, the family spaghetti sauce, and any bread product are your current favorites. You will chow down on grapes like they are the best thing on the planet (which they certainly are!). And you who used to hate any tomato product will stuff spaghetti into your mouth like it's your last meal.

* Running is how you prefer to move these days. You are a pro walker and have started bouncing and jumping and RUNNING rather than walking. Thank goodness you haven't had any bad falls yet. Let's hope that continues!

* You still aren't sleeping through the night, but we are working on that (crosses fingers). Maybe by this time next month we will have made some progress.

* It's so cute to watch you stack your Legos together and put your shapes into your shape sorter. You still need a little help, but you are getting really good at it!

* No new words yet, but you certainly do listen intently when we play with the See and Say and make animal sounds. The cow and turkey are your favorite.

* People can still be a little intimidating to you Jack, but I swear, you are a closet flirt. You hide behind my knee for a few minutes but then peek out and smile. Once you warm up to a stranger, it's like you are best friends for life! My little ladies man!

Jack Emmett, oh how we adore you. Keep making Mommy and Daddy smile!

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  1. I can't even see it all, but let me tell you, I LOVE his shirt!