Monday, March 12, 2012

Calvin is Two Months Old

I waited until today to post this update because I wanted to be able to add Cal's weight and height from his pediatrician appointment.

Well Chunka Monka, you have been in our lives for 2 months already.  You are SUCH a happy baby.  It's unbelievable.  I don't know where you get your sweet and happy disposition but we love it!  The only time you fuss or cry is if you are hungry, tired, or have a dirty diaper.

You were such a trooper at your pediatrician appointment today.  We had to wait a while for the doctor but you were just smiling and cooing the whole time.  Even after getting your shots, you hardly cried. 

Here are your stats:

Head:  40th percentile
Weight:  12 pounds 14.5 ounces, 75th percentile
Height:  23.25 inches, 60th percentile

Some things you are up to this month:

* Again, HAPPY BABY!  I hope this doesn't change because it's just so sweet.  You smile and coo at Mom and pretty much everyone else all the time you are awake.  When you cry, it's because you need something. 

* I think you would love to be pals with your older brother, but he isn't really sure of you right now.  I know you will be good buddies as you grow.

* You are sleeping in 3 hour stretches at night.  Typically, you go to sleep in your Rock N Play around 9 and sleep until 11 or midnight.  Then you are generally up again around 11, 3'ish and up for the day around 6.  Mommy is a sucker and brings you to bed with us after the first wakeup.  You know this and if I try and put you back in your bed, your little eyes jolt right open.  We (me) need to work on this.

* You are starting to bust out of 3 month clothing.  I think it's a combination of your chunky monkey legs and your budonkadonk butt in your cloth diaper.

* You are starting to recognize toys and grab them if placed in your hand.  You have quite the grip too!

* You LOVE your Mommy.  Daddy is a favorite too but if you are upset and Daddy can't calm you down, you immediately quiet when I hold you.  After all, your favorite place to sleep is on Mommy's chest in your Moby.  As a matter of fact, that's where you are right now.

* Reflux is getting much better.  You are on Prevacid and it's working quite well.  You take it straight from the spoon mixed with some water and don't gag at all.  Big boy!

* We are working on how much milk you drink at a time and it's up to about 3 ounces right now.  This is the reflux's fault.  Now that it's under control, you love to eat all the time.  All.The.Time.  If we let you eat every hour, you totally would.

* It's amazing to see all the similarities you with Jack and yet the differences.  You guys look a lot alike but your body types are different.  You both have/had reflux, but you are so much happier!  You both aren't the best sleepers but you are a much better eater.

We love you buddy.  Please stay happy and keep on growing!

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