Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh My God....the Poop

Jason and I were joking on Friday that we were having Poop Watch 2012.  See, Cal hadn't pooped since Wednesday.  He is normally a regular pooper but there was none to be found on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  This is not unusual in breastfed babies.  I was not going to be concerned until he hit day 7 with no poop.

Every time I would hear Cal fart, I would check his diaper thinking he had pooped.  Nope.  Not until Sunday.  So that is 3 days without poop. 

And when he did poop?  It was horrid.  I heard the telltale signs of gas and poo so I went to change his diaper.  He had literally FILLED his diaper with poop.  It was gross.  And as I was cleaning off his bum, he proceeded to poop again.  It honest to God looked like soft serve ice cream coming out of his bum (sorry folks).  I used about 5 washcloths (we cloth wipe) to clean the poo off. 

I finally get him diapered up and no sooner does he poop again.  Back to the changing table.  Another full diaper.

I think I lost count at 6 huge poop diapers yesterday.  Blech. 

Although I am glad he is back to normal. 

I had washed all our diapers Saturday night and I had to do another load on Sunday because I did so many diaper changes.  I guess it's good that I ordered 6 more diapers huh?


  1. How are you liking the cloth diapers? Do you have all Flip or a mixed collection?

  2. Rowan did this once when she was super tiny. Scott was changing her, though. ;)

  3. Erin, we have a combination of Flip, Charlie's, Sunbaby and I just ordered six Kawaiis.

  4. Ha! We just went through this same 3 day poop strike with Aubrey. When it came, it came!! Yikes!