Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miscellaneous of the Week

I have a couple of posts started but just haven't had the energy to finish them.  So instead, you get a smattering of miscellaneous stuff.

* We are trying to wean Jack from his "bee" (pacifier).  He only gets it at night and for naps.  On Monday night he didn't have it and did fine.  Yesterday for nap he didn't have it and screamed for 45 minutes.  It sucked.  Jason revised the plan last night and snipped the tip off.  Jack understood that all his bees were broken and he still wanted it.  We will continue to cut a little bit of the tip off every night until he maybe doesn't want it anymore.

* Can someone send Cal a memo that 4:00 am is not an acceptable time to wake up?  The past couple of mornings he has woken himself and me up with grunting and straining.  The kid needs help farting apparently.  This continues for about 2 hours and I get zero sleep during this time. 

* Jason is doing a good job as a stay-at-home dad.  He is still adjusting to the early wake up time.  All those years working swing shift have messed up his sleep schedule.  We have a nice routine going every day and I hope to keep it up.  If it continues, I will post about what works for us.

* I can't stop eating.  Seriously, I don't know if it's the pumping or what.  I am craving sweets like nobody's business.  Chocolate?  Yes please.  I have to have something sweet after dinner or before bed every night.  If I don't, it's like an addict going through a withdrawal. 

* Speaking of food, I am in need of some new recipes or meal ideas.  I make dinner 5 nights a week and I can tell we are quickly going to get tired of some of our old favorites. 

* I am obsessed with cloth diapering.  I just want to buy more and more diapers!  I really can't help it.  I love how they look on Cal and they are just too fun.  I even like doing diaper laundry.

* Sunday is going to be awesome!  I rarely make any "me" time.  I usually do errands with one of the boys, or if I do an errand (which isn't considered me time anyways), it's super quick.  On Sunday, I am going for an 80 minute massage and then my sister and I are going to lunch together.  I am in desperate need of some "me" time.  I honestly can't tell you the last time I spent time with a friend or my sister without one of the boys.  Probably a month before Cal was born AT LEAST.

That is about it for this week.  I really am trying to be better about posting but hey, priorities right?


  1. Hello! I just found your blog through The Nest and have been enjoying reading it. Your little house is so cute! As are your little boys, of course.
    Another meal idea we use a lot would be salsa chicken in the crockpot – just put a few breasts in with some black beans and a big jar of salsa and any veggies you may like and serve some one night as tacos, then another night as baked enchiladas or a casserole mixed up with elbow macaroni and cheese!

  2. Ahhh! I thought it was just me on the sweets! I seriously do not know how many bags of Dark Chocolate I have consumed since Aubrey was born!