Friday, March 30, 2012

A Week's Worth of Dinners

I have a cooking blog that I haven't updated in two years.  Bad me.  I really don't want to update two blogs but the thought has crossed my mind to start food blogging again.  However, until I can decide if I want to start updating that defunct blog, you get all my fun recipes and meal planning stuff here.

Sunday evening brought us Steak Fajitas.  I have never made fajitas before and wanted to.  The fact that everything is in a nice little package is very appealing to me.  The best part of this recipe was that I was able to use one package of meat (it was a little beef roast which name escapes me - bottom round maybe?) for two meals.  It was cheaper to buy a roast rather than buying strips of meat or a steak.  I have a hard time spending $7 for enough steak to make a recipe.  The focus is on cheap meals here, not expensive meals.  I would very easily break my grocery budget if I spent $7 on one pound of meat.

I am also admittedly lazy so instead of cutting up fresh peppers and onion, I bought a bag of frozen and sauteed those babies up. 

Cooking away!

The final result:

This was a tasty meal although I would have liked more peppers and onion.  Live and learn. 

Monday night brought us Buffalo Wing Soup from one of my favorite recipe sources.  I am not sure what drew me to this other than it's in the crockpot (which earns high points from me on the laziness factor) and it tastes like wings which is one of Jason's favorite foods.

I liked this recipe because it was easy.  I did cook the chicken beforehand but it didn't take very long.  I usually just poach it and then shred it or cube it up.

Jason loved this soup although I didn't care much for it.  It tasted fine but it just wasn't my cup o' tea.  He requested I make it again which I probably won't (ha!). 

Tuesday night was homemade Fettuccine Alfredo and Italian sausages.  Sorry, I don't have a picture because I didn't any.  I had a rough day at work and my stomach was not a happy camper by the time it came to eat dinner.  I cooked it and it smelled great but I just couldn't eat it.

This might not be the healthiest of dishes but boy is it comfort food in a bowl!  You can admire the picture on my cooking blog since I didn't take a picture.  Remember?  I didn't eat any.

Wednesday night was Beef Stew.  Um, yum!  I am not the biggest fan of beef stew because my mom always made it and it was watery and not very flavorful.  However, this is a Paula Deen recipe and it's so rich and comforting and delicious!  Jason had two bowls.

I love that it's easy and you don't have to cut and chop a million veggies.  You do have to cut and chop some, but not pounds and pounds.  Plus, you don't have to peel the potatoes so that cuts down on some of the prep time.

Look at this bowl of deliciousness:

Thursday night was Mediterranean Chicken.  By the way, A Year of Slow Cooking is probably the coolest recipe blog ever.  I use so many of her recipes and most of them are tasty.  What I loved most about this recipe was that you could throw everything in the crockpot without precooking it.  My chicken breasts were frozen solid but that didn't make a difference.

This smelled amazing while cooking but when I tasted the broth, it needed something extra.  I added some garlic powder, red pepper flakes and salt.  It helped but the dish itself needed some oomph.  It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't spectacular either. 

It sure is pretty though.  I served this over rice with a sprinkle of parmesan. 

Tonight is dinner over at the in-laws so no cooking.  And Saturday (yes, I just started a sentence with and) is Jason's game night and he leaves before dinner.  That means I eat leftovers and Jack gets something fun like English muffin pizzas. 

On the menu for next week:  Spicy honey brushed chicken thighs, breakfast for dinner (pancakes, bacon and eggs), pork chops, and something else in which I haven't decided yet.

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