Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cal is 7 Months!

I am a few days late (bad Mommy!) but it's been crazy busy at work.

My "little" Cal.  You are 7 months old already!  I put little in quotes because even though you are still a baby, you aren't little.  You are getting so big.  So much in fact, that I am starting to wonder if you are going to be even taller than your brother.

Here are some things that you are up to this month:

* You are busting out of your 9 month size clothing.  Like I said, you are getting big, both in height and weight.  If I had to guess, I would say you are close to 21 pounds.

* You are army crawling all over the house.  And boy are you fast!  If you see something that interests you, you will skoot your way over in mere seconds.  I have video of you doing it and it's hysterical.  I have never seen a baby move so quickly on their stomach.

* I am not sure if our hardwood floors are inhibiting you but you are having a hard time actually crawling.  You will get up on your knees, but when you try to move forward, your legs slide out from under you.  I think your pants are slippery against the floor.

* Sleep is going a lot better.  You generally only whine for a minute when placed in your crib at night.  You usually sleep from about 8-11 and then again from 11-2 or even 3.  Sometimes, if I am lucky, you will sleep until 4 and then wake up when big brother starts tearing through the house around 6:30.  You like to sleep and could sleep longer but those darn noisy brothers!

* You LOVE to eat.  If you had your way, I think you would exclusively eat solid food.  You had your first "table" food the other night.  I made a roast chicken dinner with veggies and you got little bits of everything.  Your favorite was the roast carrots.  I try to make a point of feeding you either a snack or bits of food at dinnertime so you can eat with the rest of the family.  You also got solids at breakfast and again around 4:00 when I get off of work (I love feeding you).  There aren't too many foods that you don't like.  Your favorites are still mashed bananas and pureed carrots though.

* My goodness, my happy smiley baby is still pretty happy and smiley.  BUT, you are teething.  It's miserable.  I surely wish you would push a tooth out so you can get back to being happy.  For about a month, you had a white cap on your gumline.  But it disappeared.  There goes any hope for a tooth!  I am guessing that you will push one through on the 18th.  I have a theory as to why.  Let's just see if I am right.

* You started taking baths in the actual tub rather than in your baby tub.  I think you like it although I really have to watch and hold on to you because you can't sit for very extended periods of time.

And to end the post, here is a cute picture of you.  Although every picture is cute.

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  1. Rebecca8/17/2012

    I see alot of Matthew in this pic! They are related after all!