Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous

These days, I am not feeling very inspired by anything and as a result, my blog posts have suffered.

At any rate, here is what is on my mind.

* I have donated over 900 ounces of milk.  I am amazed by this and so glad I am able to help out.  One lady was so grateful that she made Cal the cutest dinosaur blanket and gave us a set of pumping bottles.  Another lady gave us a jar of homemade apple butter.  It's awesome meeting their sweet babies too!

* I made the best roast chicken dinner last night.  It was enjoyed by all!  Well, except Jack.  He is so darn picky.  Cal enjoyed it though.  He had exactly what we had and ate almost all of it!  His favorite were the roasted carrots I diced up.

* I stimulated the economy yesterday.  I had to hit up Babies R Us for a new carseat for Cal since he's almost outgrown his infant seat.  Also, now with two boys eating solids, a second highchair was in order.  Let's not talk about the extra items that somehow ended up in my cart.  After all was said and done, I spent $230.  Ouch.

* We went to a family reunion on Saturday and it was potluck style.  All that yummy food makes me salivate thinking about it!  My contribution was a cookie salad.  Trust me when I say it was delicious.  We had a good time but had to leave after about 2 hours because it was Jack's nap time and he was starting to act out.

* Cal is teething.  I think I have whined about that several times the last few weeks.  He is miserable.  Most days he is fine, but other days, like yesterday, he just fusses all day.  No amount of teething tablets, pacifiers, ice cubes, cold teethers, frozen washcloths, Ibuprofen or rubbing his gums is helpful.  He just stays miserable.

* Jack has quite the bit of attitude lately.  I blame the "Terrible Twos".  He says "NO!" a lot when we ask him to do something.  He doesn't want to share toys, even if those toys are meant for Cal.  He throws on average, one good tantrum a day.  It's frustrating but manageable for now.

* Sleep is going fairly well in our house.  Cal still cries a bit when going to sleep initially but usually less than 5 minutes.  It's mostly fussing, not crying, which makes me feel better, but it still sucks to hear him cry.  He is down to about three night wakings.  For a few days, he was only waking twice.  I can handle three but would love for him to get back to two.  When he goes back down in his crib after a night feeding, he doesn't even fuss anymore.  He did for the first couple of days but that stopped.  He quickly learned that his crib is a nice place to sleep.

* While Cal is sleeping better, I am not.  You would think that less night wakings would be good right?  Well in theory, yes.  However, I now wake up and just stare at the monitor.  Or I wake up because Jason is snoring, or because I am too hot.  Most nights, I wake up and it takes me an hour to go back to sleep.  Amazingly enough I am not tired though.  My body must be used to sleep deprivation.

* I can't believe I am going to admit this but while working, I generally have the tv on.  I turn on NBC in the morning and due to my laziness, don't change the channel.  This had led me to get sucked into Days of Our Lives.  I swear I am now invested in these characters.  I haven't watched soaps since I was a teenager during summer break.  I am such a loser.

* I am getting ready for Denver.  I have my plane tickets booked, my hotel booked and am already making a mental note where I want to eat dinner each night.  I still have to order a cooler for all the breastmilk that I am going to be toting back.  I have researched the TSA website to make sure I can carry a large amount (I can in case you were wondering) of frozen breastmilk.  Packing and carry-on items are going to be interesting.  If you have ever traveled with 200 ounces of frozen breastmilk as a carry-on, let me know how that went.

* Cal is down to two pacifiers.  Meaning, we only have two left of the ones he likes.  The only ones he will use are of course, discontinued.  We have tried getting him to use others with no luck.  After trips to four Fred Meyers, WalMart and Target, my paci search has turned up zero.  I finally went online and paid an arm and a leg for what I believe are the right ones.  Let's hope they are because if he loses his pacis, we are in a world of hurt.

That's about it for the week.  Maybe something inspirational will come to me in the next couple of days and I will post something interesting.

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