Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kid Randoms

I have so much stuff to write about my boys that I thought I would do a whole randoms post dedicated to them.

* Cal is teething.  The world's happiest baby has turned into a cranky, non-sleeping (not that he was sleeping before), crying mess.  No amount of teething tablets, baby Advil, cold washcloths, teething toys, gumming whatever he can find, is helping.  It is getting really tiring for me so I can only imagine who HE feels.  I can see a whitecap but it's been there for weeks.  I don't have any hope of it popping through soon.

* Jack has been in a stage lately where all he wants is me.  Everything is "Mama do it!".  He doesn't want Jason to get him dressed, change his diapers, help him pee in the potty, wipe his face, or do anything.  This can be problematic since I work during the week and can't take breaks to change diapers or wipe faces.  Often times, this results in temper tantrums.  I guess he really loves me.

* Speaking of potty, Jack has been going pee on the potty about twice a day, sometimes more.  I made a potty treat box.  Every time he goes on the potty, he gets to pick out a treat.  This kid is bound and determined to pee.  He knows he gets a treat so he asks to go potty and will sit there for a half an hour if we were to let him.  The treats are silly little things like stickers, juice boxes, books from the Dollar Tree, and other small trinkets.  I figure it gets him to sit on the potty so why not?  Now if we could just get him to poop on the potty.......

* Jack is eating pretty well these days.  He is still a picky eater and pretty leery of anything new.  I have to remind Jason and his mom not to force him to eat anything that he doesn't want.  Don't make him take a bite of something otherwise, there are disastrous consequences.  Case in point:  Jason gave him a bite of French toast at a restaurant a few weeks ago against his will.  Jack threw up all over the table in the restaurant.  He has a super sensitive gag reflex and won't eat something unless it's his idea.  Jack's favorite foods are:  blueberries, cheese quesadillas or cheese in any form really, pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (he would have one every lunch if it were up to him), ravioli, pasta with spaghetti sauce, apple slices, bananas, any fruit under the sun (strawberries are a recent favorite), and chicken nuggets.  Some of those things maybe aren't the healthiest but at least my kid is eating.

* Cal is really into blowing raspberries.  He has been able to do it for quite some time but lately it's all the time.  Don't get too close when you are feeding him because likely, you will get it spit all over you.  Last night I was feeding him yogurt (one of his faves) and he would take a bite and then blow a raspberry.  I was covered.  He is lucky he's cute.

* Speaking of Cal and eating, we are way more laid back this time with feeding Cal.  He has been getting tons of new foods and is tolerating them very well.  I don't have worries about allergies or reactions and his pediatrician is fine with him eating like he is.  He has gotten all the stage 1 fruits and veggies and we have moved to stage 2 as well as yogurt and some whole foods.  I gave him a few Puffs the other day to see how he would do and he did great!  He loved being able to feed himself.  The first time Jack got a Puff, he threw up.  See what I mean about that sensitive gag reflex?  Cal's favorite foods are peach yogurt, fresh mashed banana, pears, and Baby MumMums.  The little stinker doesn't like any of the food I made for him.  It might be the texture or something but he won't eat it.

* Cal is on the move.  He gets up on all fours, rocks back and forth and then scoots himself forward.  He isn't crawling yet but he is awfully close.  He will just hang out on all fours for minutes at a time just watching the world go by.  He's so cute.

That is about it for these guys.  I will get a boat trip post out soon.

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  1. Any tips on tummy time with acid reflux? Aubrey SCREAMS bloody murder the second I put her on her tummy, so she is no where near even thinking about crawling!