Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Miscellaneous

First of all, a BIG congrats to Emily C. from Maryland, our big lucky giveaway winner!  Go check out her blog at  Congrats Emily!  I will be sending out your prize shortly and I know the others are on their way.

* I had the BEST weekend!  It started with getting off work early on Friday to get my hair cut.  I have long, naturally curly hair.  It's always been long with the exception of an unfortunate boy cut when I was 8.  Man that haircut was horrid.  I decided to let my stylist go with it and give me a shorter do.  I didn't think I wanted to go this short but?  I love it.  Jason is still undecided.

Selfie with no makeup.  

My weekend continued on Saturday with grocery shopping, tons of chores around the house, a nap (Yay!) and a nice evening with my boys.  It was laid back but I still got a lot done.  Sunday was church nursery where I got to cuddle with all the babies.  This is a great solution for that baby fever that one may have.  Not that I know anything about that.  After church, the boys crashed for nap and I headed off to my monthly Stitch and Bitch over at my aunt's.  I have SUCH a good time doing this.  I am able to be crafty, get out of the house and visit with my family which I don't do often enough.

Overall, awesome weekend.  

* I am super excited for this coming weekend too!  My good friend Michelle is having her annual Easter party. She invites all her nieces, nephews, friends with kids and neighbors over.  There will be an Easter egg hunt in the field behind her house, toys for the kids, crafts and food.  It will be a blast!  I am sure Jack and Cal will love it too, especially since they will get to play with other kids their age.  

* Since school will be letting out soon, I want to sign the boys up for classes to occupy their time.  Jack adores going to school twice a week so I want to make sure he is getting enough activity and enrichment (that is such a hokey word).  I am planning on enrolling him in a tumbling class and probably some sort of music class for Cal since he is still so little and doesn't take much direction yet.

* I am contemplating starting Weight Watchers again.  I am afraid I won't be accountable and it will be a waste of money.  Let's face it, I have been kind of lazy with it in the past.  I need to do something structured and don't think My Fitness Pal would be enough of a motivator for me.

* I can't believe I am posting this right below my weight blurb, haha.  I made these muffins last week and Jack gobbled them up!  I think he ate more than any of the rest of us.  They aren't terribly bad for you and I have no qualms about giving him a muffin with vegetables in them.  They were delicious!  I plan on making them again but maybe with grated beets or zucchini.  

That's it for today!  Congrats again to Emily C!  

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  1. Ha! The tank you're wearing in your picture, I have the same one. I got it at Target while they were on sale a couple of weeks ago. =)