Friday, March 1, 2013

Jack's 3rd Birthday Party

Wow, I didn't even realize I had forgotten to post about Jack's party and birthday.  That is how ucky I have been feeling lately.

Time for some Curious George fun!  Jack turned 3 on Saturday February 2nd and that is the same day we had his party.  He is loving Curious George right now so that is the theme I went with.

I ordered his invitations off of Etsy and the image is below.

Obviously it had Jack's information on it so this is not the exact invite.

I was going to do a theme of yellow and brown but decided that all the primary colors in the invitation were much more fun and colorful.

Enjoy all the pictures below.  It was a lot of fun to throw this party and Jack had an absolute blast!

Balloons for the birthday boy!

The food was all store bought this time but I am okay with that.

Roll up sandwiches, bags of chips, bananas for decoration - duh, Curious George is a monkey, fruit salad and juice boxes.  All kid friendly food!

The cupcakes were Costco as well.  Way more budget friendly than a cake!  We got 24 cupcakes and they cost $27.96.  And note how HUGE they were!

Cupcake toppers and Curious George banner are from this Etsy seller.  I was super happy for the quality and Jack thought they were super fun.

I wanted the favors for Jack's birthday to be different from Cal's and I left the decision up to Jack.  When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, his answer was exactly this:  "Cake, balloons, candy......cake".  So candy it is!  I did an inexpensive candy buffet.

Even the adults thought this was fun.  

Jack had such a good time but as always, he is so busy and hard to get to pose for pictures!  Some other photos from the day:

Spoiled kiddo!

Trying to get Jack to smile is near to impossible.

Eating lunch but not impressed with the camera.

Time to open presents!

Cal thought this Curious George was pretty cool.

The living room chaos!

 Daddy asked him to pose for this picture.  Too bad it's blurry because it was super funny.

Jack got a bunch of clothes, jammies, a hardcover Curious George book which he has read every night since the party, a Curious George game, a Nerf basketball set and a ton of DVDs.  

I can't believe my baby is 3.  I swear to God the time flies so fast.  It's hard to keep up with just how much he is learning, doing and saying.  He is so grown up.

::Sigh::  I still remember vividly the day he was born.  

We love you Jack.  You will always be our Number 1 son!  


  1. Such a cute party! I kept waiting for this post. I hope you're starting to feel better!

  2. Looks like fun!