Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Babies For Dummies

And thank goodness for it! I enrolled in a program through my insurance company for expectant mothers. One of the nurses assigned to you helps you through the pregnancy process, answers any questions for you, calls to check benefits, and is just a general advocate for you. It's a very cool program. Along with enrolling, you got to choose a pregnancy book or video that they had on hand. I already have Your Pregnancy Week by Week and The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, so I chose a book called Babies for Dummies.

Well, not really. It's actually called The Good Housekeeping Guide to Pregnancy and Baby Care. I call it Babies for Dummies because for someone like me with absolutely no baby experience, it's perfect. It has tons and tons of color pictures and step-by-step instructions on everything from breastfeeding to picking up your baby. Wait, you mean I can't just pick the baby up by the feet?!?

I kid of course. I especially love the sections in the book where it talks about the necessities and what you will need for baby. There are about 8 clothing items listed and just that many toiletries. In this day and age of wipe warmers, videos for babies, pacifier pods and endless crap, it's nice to see a book that condenses it for you. Lord knows, I don't need all the extra crap. No wipe warmer for me. I might consider a pacifier pod though, tee hee.

So, thank goodness for Babies for Dummies. My husband probably has more experience than me when it comes to baby care. Now, I have some reading to do.

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