Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Being Pregnant Rocks!

That is what I keep telling myself. Here are the reasons so far that it totally rocks!

1. You can go to Taco Time and not feel like a hog when you eat a bean burrito and a huge soft taco. Mmmm, baby likes hot sauce!

2. Cartoon boobs. You know the ones I mean. They are huge, melon-esque beauties that resemble Jessica Rabbit. My husband certainly appreciates them even if the shirt I wore today won't be wearable ever again.

3. You don't have to clean the cat box. I am not sad about this. Trust me.

4. You don't feel guilty if you need to sit down, nap, or rest periodically. Even though you feel like you are 80 years old, you need to remind yourself that you are pregnant, not old. Don't feel guilty! Take advantage of it now before the baby comes.

5. Everyone fawning all over you. Okay, this might sound narcisstic, but I love that my mother-in-law, mother, sister, etc. all ask me how I am feeling. It will magnify ten-fold when all my coworkers find out I am sure.

Yes folks, being pregnant sure rocks.

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