Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Few More Things

In my haste of posting, I forgot a few things. First, my due date moved, which is fine! I figured it would since I ovulated on day 16 and not on day 14. So, my originally due date of February 10th has moved to February 11th or 12th. It would be funny if I had the peanut on the 12th, because that is my little sister's birthday!

Great, now my mind has forgotten the other things I wanted to blog about........Maybe they will come back to me.

One funny thing is that my coworker (who shall remain unnamed at this time) is also pregnant. We were three days apart, but now that my due date moved, we are only one day apart! Well, since we share the same birthday, it makes sense that our babies would share a birthday too. I truly feel sorry for my supervisor. My manager knows we are both expecting, and while she is nervous about us being out at the same time, she is thrilled for the both of us! My supervisor might be another matter. She will probably go into panic mode and then bring that panic mode onto us. You know what? Work will survive without the two of us. My supervisor will survive too. I have a feeling I will receive some phone calls while on maternity leave, but so be it.

So, now in my family, we have three of us due within a few months of each other. My cousin is due on September 25th (with a girl). My sister is due on November 12th (with a boy), and I am due on the 11th of February (with what looks to be a peanut right now). How cool is that to have that many babies in the same family? The only bummer thing is that my cousin lives in Lake Tahoe, I live in Portland and my sister lives in New Hampshire. That's really far away.

I still can't remember the other things I want to type about. Oh well. On that note, my little sister will be here soon. We are going to the baby mecca (aka Babies R Us) to buy shower gifts for my cousin. Maybe I will pick some ideas up for myself.

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