Friday, June 12, 2009

Awful Morning

I woke up today at my usual time and was in so much pain I couldn't move. Over two weeks ago, I threw my back out after doing a lot of yardwork. I wanted to take advantage of the three day Memorial Day weekend, but instead, it took advantage of me. I have been icing my back, using a heating pad, and taking Tylenol. I haven't felt any better. So, fast forward to Wednesday. I went to the chiropractor and I instantly felt better. Yesterday I even felt good. I was sore, but it wasn't the excruciating pain that I had been dealing with.

Today, I couldn't get out of bed. I don't know if I slept wrong, or if my thrashing in the middle of the night re-injured it. It took me five minutes to will myself enough effort to get up. It hurt like Hell!

So, I walked around the house for a minute to try and get the muscles going. That lasted about a minute. I almost didn't make it to the bathroom before I collapsed on the floor. I was in so much pain that I got severely nauseous and almost threw up.

I had to make a split decision: Try and throw up into the toilet or try and heave myself up onto the toilet so I wouldn't poop myself. Nice huh? So, with all my strength, I got up and proceeded to sweat and watch the room spin for a good five minutes. Thank God the sink is right next to the toilet so I could lay my face down on the cool ceramic.

Bless my husband's heart. I called for him and woke him from a dead sleep to help me off the toilet. He got me to the couch, brought me a banana, some water and Tylenol. I knew I married him for a reason. He takes good care of me.

Thank goodness, I feel better. After stretching, moving around, some ice and rest, I feel much better. I hate having to call in sick to work, but I didn't have a choice. I probably wouldn't have been able to make it the five blocks to walk to MAX.

So, my bout with nausea was interesting. I feel for women that have to go through that all the time. I don't know how they can handle it. I almost passed out just after one incident. Let's hope this isn't a pattern that continues.

On a better note, my spotting hasn't returned today. Thank the Lord!

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