Sunday, June 7, 2009

All the Bad Things

Even with my past history of a miscarriage, I am not walking on eggshells with this pregnancy. What do I mean by this?

Example#1: I still drink a small cup of coffee with artificial sweetener every morning.

I am a caffeine addict, and cutting this out completely is out of the picture. As long as I stay under 300mg. a day, it's perfectly fine. And artificial sweetener in moderation is fine. My OB told me so much to the dismay of one person that said "You are going to kill your baby!". Um gee, thanks.

Example#2: I am going to have a delicious hot dog with dinner tonight.

That's right, a HOT DOG. Nitrates, yum! Now, again, everything in moderation. I am making the family macaroni and cheese recipe and considering that my mommy always used to put hot dogs on the top while it was baking, I am not one to break tradition.

Example #3: I plan on flying late in my pregnancy.

Now this isn't for sure yet, but my husband and I had already planned and put a deposit down on a trip to Jamaica. If my OB says I am okay to travel at 31-32 weeks, we are going for it. How often do you get to go to Jamaica after all? As long as I can get up frequently and move around and drink lots of water, AND my OB says it's okay, what's the harm? Of course, we will not be disappointed if we can't go. We will just drive somewhere like the coast for our babymoon/vacation.

I am sure I could think of more examples, however, I haven't eaten breakfast yet. My body needs fueling.

Don't worry peeps, I am doing healthy, smart things too. I take a prenatal vitamin every day, eat very healthy (thank you BabyFit!) and make sure to drink tons of water. I just don't want to stop living life completely. If this baby is meant to stick around, it will. That is my number one wish for this year. We want this baby very much. It took us a long time to get here.

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