Sunday, September 12, 2010


Jack got his first tooth on Friday! It's the bottom left-hand front incisor. It is just poking through. Poor little guy, getting over an ear infection and teething.

Oh, and what they say about diaper rash, diarrhea and teeth? Apparently true for my little man. He has a red bum and pooped no fewer than 6 times yesterday. I had to give him a bath in his oatmeal soap so I wouldn't irritate his heiney.

I wish I could get a good picture of his toofer, but he refuses to let me open his mouth. Come to think of it, don't even try and touch his face. He hates it!

A better picture to come as soon as I can get my little piranha to open up.

Until then, here is the only one I have. Can you see the little nubbin?

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