Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Urologist

In my haste of posting last night, I realized that I forgot to mention that even though Jack's penis is fine (saying penis is really funny to me for some reason), the pediatrician did find something unrelated but still problematic.

During the exam, she determined that his urethral opening is too small. While he is able to pee fine and hasn't had a problem, since he is not snipped, this could pose a problem later in life.

I made an appointment today with a children's urologist for an evaluation. In two weeks, we should find out if Jack's urethra will need "help". Apparently they can try a steroid cream and if that doesn't work to help soften the foreskin, they might need to circumsize him after all.

Wow, a whole post dedicated to my son's penis. He is going to love me when he gets older!

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