Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Wee One's Wee One

At Jack's last pediatrician appointment it was discovered that he might have urethral stenosis. While his pediatrician doesn't specialize in urology, she found it concerning that his urethra opening (is that the correct term?) was as small as it was. Dr. D gave me two names of pediatric urologists and when I asked what the treatment for such a situation was, I was surprised by the answer.

Either a steroid cream can be applied to his foreskin to soften it and hopefully help the urethra open up, or he needs to be circumcised. Now, I spelled that word wrong in other blog posts, so I am slightly embarrassed. Probably because he isn't, I haven't felt the need to spell it right, hee hee.

My husband and I opted not to have our son circumcised, so the thought of having to do it months later was disheartening. Slightly concerning, slightly scary and sad at the thought of my baby having surgery. It was a personal choice that we made and felt that circumcision was unnecessary for our son, so it pained us to think our choice may have been the wrong one.

Jack has been able to pee just fine since birth. When we change his diaper in the morning, it's always heavy and soaked with pee. Judging on how often he has peed on Jason and I during diaper changes, I didn't feel that concerned that anything was wrong but it's always better to err on the side of caution.

The pediatric urologist was extremely nice. He was very good with Jack too. I suppose you need to be when you are a pediatric urologist! In the waiting room, it was mostly old men and then our wee one. A sight to be seen for sure.

The urologist explained that it's very rare in uncircumcised boys that urethral stenosis occurs, but he would check him anyways. Seriously, the appointment lasted all of 15 minutes. Jack was disrobed, dis-diapered and then inspected. His testicles were squeezed (no joke) and his foreskin gently pulled back. All is well in the land of penises. Jack won't need to be circumcised after all!

We left the appointment feeling encouraged. Hopefully the doctor visits are going to be few and far between from now on.

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