Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Sleep With Your Baby?!?

Yup, I do. What's it to ya? This is not information that should be shared with the "normal" world because, let's face it, people give you the side-eye.

I admit, before I was a mom, I thought it strange that people slept with their kids. Then I had Jack and realized just how necessary it was for our situation.

"You are setting a bad precedence".

Thanks, but my child wakes every 90 minutes to eat. If he's in his crib, he wakes every 30. What is worse? Having an exhausted child or doing what's best for both of us? We both get some sleep this way.

"Aren't you afraid of rolling over on to him?"

I was at first, but after a couple of nights, I realized that as soon as he starts to move or stir, I am instantly awake. I don't move a muscle at all during our sleep time. I am confident I am not going to roll over or smother him.

"How do you and Jason have sex?"

Well since we don't sleep in bed together anyways, this isn't an issue. We find other times. My husband works swing and when he's sleeping, I am awake and vice versa. People can have sex at other times than at night. Gasp! Imagine that!

"What are you going to do when you have another baby? He can't sleep with you forever!".

I am pretty sure by the time he's a teenager, he will have transitioned to his own bed. And another baby? Ya'll are nuts. No baby fever here. At least not until my child sleeps.

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