Friday, April 8, 2011

Big F You Ears!

See a theme here? I seem to post about Jack's ears a lot. Sorry about that. It's a source of heartache these days.

Jack had his appointment with the Ear Nose and Throat specialist yesterday and he said that Jack is definitely a candidate for tubes. Tubes were one of the three options he laid out on the table:

1 - Do nothing. This option is not good because of how often Jack gets infections and how often he has to be on antibiotics.

2 - Treat with antibiotics until he turns 2 and then reevaluate. See number 1.

3 - Tubes

We opted for the tubes, mainly because the doctor thinks the constant ear infections are affecting Jack's hearing and speech. He mentioned that they like to see toddlers of Jack's age say more than just Mama and Dada consistently. While Jack says the occasional work, he doesn't say them consistently. He can hear, but with the constant mucus in his ears, it's probably muffled and no doubt painful.

While the doctor was checking Jack, he said "What ear was the one he had his last infection in?" We told him it was his left. "Because his right ear also has an infection". Jesus H.

That means in the span of 3 months, his ear infections have been virtually constant. He no sooner gets over one infection that he gets another one, usually in the opposite ear. He isn't even finished the antibiotics from our last trip to Urgent Care for goodness sakes.

That leads me to believe that no amount of antibiotics are going to work on this kid. I called the pediatrician today and they wanted to see Jack. When she checked his ears, she mentioned that she didn't know how he wasn't miserable because his right ear was very infected.

The only (and possibly last) option at this point is a shot of antibiotics rather than an oral. So that is what Jack got today: A big fat injection in his chubby baby leg.

The chance that this will work? 50%. 50 measly percent.

He goes back in about a week to check the status of his ears.

In the meantime, we wait for his surgery. I am feeling pretty down about this. Yes, he needs it, but that still doesn't mean I am scared and worried. This blows.

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