Saturday, April 2, 2011

14 Months Old

You are 14 months old today Buggy! It's been a rough month for you. Not that you can help it. You have had two ear infections this month, a trip to the urgent care and a bad cold. We are going to get those ears under control little man.

Jack, you have quite the personality! This month you started doing a few new things.

* When you see others dance or clap, you follow along. It's so cute to see you clap your chubby little hands! You bob your head back and forth when you see Mom do it.

* In the car, you are starting to entertain yourself. You have complete conversations with people in cars and giggle and smile really big. I get quite a kick out of peeking at you in my mirror.

* You are starting to talk a little more. You say "all done" now. It's only happened a couple of times, but it came out clear as day. You also say "dah" a lot. It means several things, but usually it means "what's that".

* You point and are starting to point at things to signal what you want. Yay! I have seen you point at your cup of milk which is very convenient for me.

* Your favorite book is still "Little Feet Love". Books are probably your favorite toy in general. You happily pull them off your shelf and just sit and "read" for a while.

* Boy do you have some energy. Rather than play with toys, you would much rather run around the house and get into things. Shelves, drawers and doors are your best friend. You were pretty sad when we started locking up the drawers and cabinets. You can't play in them anymore. Sorry buddy.

* When someone shakes their head no at you or says "no", you shake your little head back.

* The temper tantrums seemed to have slowed down for now. Every once in a while, you get mad and stomp your little feet when we pull you away from something you shouldn't be doing.

* Some of your favorite foods are the family spagetthi sauce with penne pasta, pears, peaches, Cheerios, and peanut butter. You are certainly a carb lover, just like your momma.

This month has been the most fun in terms of the things you are doing and learning. It is so much fun watching you grow and see your little brain calculating and thinking. We love you so much Jack Emmett!

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