Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Every Day Life

Now that we have a toddler, I thought it would be fun (for me) to post not only what our house looks like on a typical weekend day, but also what our schedule entails.

Be kind people. I am being completely honest in this post and with these pictures. We have a small house, so we deal with the baby mess as best as we can.

Our schedule on a typical Saturday:

6:00 am: Rise and shine! This is sleeping in to me. I usually am up at 5:00 am during the week. Jack usually gets up around this time and starts jumping on the bed or on me. I drag my heiney out of bed and while my cup of coffee brews, I get Jack some milk.

6:05 to 7:00: I wake up with my coffee and Jack plays (gets into trouble). We read books, I chase him and try to get him to not play in the catbox. I usually throw a load of laundry in the washer.

7 ish: Jack gets breakfast. He is not extremely hungry first thing in the morning so he usually munches on some fruit or a breakfast bar.

7:30: Jack gets fussy and it's time for his morning nap. He usually only is awake for 90 minutes to two hours in the morning before he needs to snooze again. While he goes down for a quick nap, I get a shower.

8:00: Jack is up from his nap and he is ready for breakfast number 2. He eats more at this meal.

8:30: Clean up from breakfast and Jack gets dressed for the day. I usually take the time to blow dry my hair and if I am feeling really ambitious, I might put on a smidge of makeup. Another load of laundry usually goes in around now.

9:00 or so: Every other week, Jack and I go grocery shopping. He really loves this errand. One of his favorite things to do is people watch, so we drive to the store, I grab a coffee and do our shopping. If it's an "off week", we will do something else fun for him. Usually a nice walk in the stroller (if the weather is decent), a trip to OMSI so he can play in the baby area, or whatever strikes our fancy.

10:00: Home from the grocery store. While Jack "helps" put away the groceries, I get him his cup of milk.

10:15: Jack is usually pretty tired by now. Sometimes he will stay up for about 3 hours, but usually it's 2 before he needs to recharge his batteries. Nap time! He will stay down for 30 minutes so I can grab some breakfast, clean something in the house, fold laundry, or God forbid.....Do nothing! I occasionally will read a magazine and just veg.

11ish: Jack is up from his nap and we play for a while.

11:30: Lunch time!

12:00: After clean up, it's play, play, play, chase, chase, chase, read, play, play.

2:00: Nap time! 30 minutes of freedom. Very rarely, Jack will say asleep for more than 30 minutes. He can surprise me though and sleep for an hour.

2:30: Up from nap and it's snack time!

3:00: This is about the time Daddy gets up. Usually, it's me going in the bedroom and saying "You getting up soon?". He begrudingly gets out of bed.

3:30: While Jason drinks his coffee and plays with the boy, I take advantage of a few minutes that I can put away any errant laundry, or clean something in the bedroom.

4:00: Jason and I share parenting duties and play with Jack. Me more so than him, but he does help out if I ask. Play, play, play, etc. etc. etc.

5:00 - 5:30: I prepare dinner. If Jack is absolutely starving, I will give him a light snack. During the week he eats dinner at 5:00, but on the weekends I try to hold him off so we can eat together as a family. This doesn't always work so I might end up giving him his dinner separately.

6:00: Dinner time for the adults. We eat, I quickly clean up and put away any leftovers.

6:30: Bath time for the boy! This seems early, but since Jack hasn't had a late afternoon nap, he gets really fussy by now. I found out that it was easier to not give him a late afternoon nap because he wouldn't go to sleep at a reasonable hour but still wake up damn early. It works better to put him to bed early instead. 6:45: Out of the bath. Clean diaper, lotion, jammies, get crib ready. We read stories, have a bottle and sing songs. In that exact order.

7:00: Jack is usually snoozing and he goes into his crib. He will sleep in his crib for anywhere from 1 hour to sometimes 4. It depends on what he feels like.

8:15 or so: Mommy takes a book to bed. The husband will be up for several more hours. I read for as long as I feel like, but I usually am exhausted.

9:00: Lights out for this Momma!

Now that you have seen a typical day, here is our typical mess.

The living room in the morning. I usually have the tv on (yeah, I know, bad mom alert). At least it's not soap operas though. On the weekend, it's Food Network. Maybe Jack will grow up to be a chef. The toys aren't everwhere yet. Notice the sippy cup of milk on the coffee table. Look! It's Jack's room. He has recently discovered how to open the toybox and pull all his toys out and them slam the lid. It's cute, until he does it so much that all you hear is BANG........BANG..........BANG! This is our living room at lunchtime. There's that sippy cup again! Jack is eating in his highchair (see him peeking over the back?) and the toys are everywhere. It really doesn't look that bad but you can't see the other side where all the books have been simultaneously removed from the shelf. Here is our kitchen in the late afternoon. Two liter bottles of sparkling water have become play things. And the magnet toys on the fridge are strewn about. Some of them are probably in the recycling bin. Discarded paper towel tube is on the floor. Jack likes to yell into it. The dishes are done (thankfully) and sit in the dish strainer. And that would be a load of laundry in the dryer. I was in a baking mood one day and there are bags of muffins and cookies on the counter.

All in all, it's not horrible. Just a little cluttered. I didn't have the guts to post Jason's computer area. It's a disaster, straight up. I am embarrassed to have anyone over to our house. I keep the rest of the house relatively clean, but Jason's area is a hot mess.

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