Monday, October 3, 2011


Chaos is what my life feels like right now. It's nothing I can't conquer, but it's still frustrating.

My life for the last two weeks has been a whirlwind. Here is what we have been up to:

* Saturday the 24th: Jack went to the ER for a stomach virus and Jason and his peeps moved all our furniture back into the house.

* Sunday the 25th: I moved all our boxes, unpacked and then had to pack for Denver.

* The week of the 26th through the 30th: In Denver for business while Jack stayed home with Nana and Jason. Let's not forget to mention that Jack got a black eye at daycare during this week.

* Friday the 30th: Returned home from Denver to a half unpacked house and half of our belongings over at the in-laws.

* Saturday the 1st: Unpack, wrangle a cranky boy with a mild cold who slept horribly the night before, and run over to the in-laws to pack up the rest of our crap. Oh, and grocery shop because we have no food in the house.

* Sunday the 2nd: Unpack some more, take care of the boy, cook and get my workstation set up so I can actually work, and tons of laundry.

I haven't checked email, my bank account, or done anything remotely productive other than work.

Our house is pretty much functional, although there are painting supplies stacked in our bedroom because I still have touch-ups to do. Jason has some computer stuff still to unpack and I have some boxes to break down and stuff to still grab out of our shed.

I hate chaos and being unorganized. HATE IT. I thrive on cleanliness and organization. I want all the painting to be done RIGHT NOW. I want all the curtains and blinds up in the windows RIGHT NOW. I want all the house unpacked RIGHT NOW.

It will get done. I just have to keep telling myself that. In due time right?

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