Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Final House Updates

Of course there is always more to do when it comes to house projects. At this point, I will call our house "completed". I still have to paint in some places and hang some pictures but I want to share the final pictures. For those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook, these are duplicate pictures.

The bathroom before.

The bathroom after. The burgundy tile was ripped out, new drywall was put up, new shower tile and I painted it a nice color called New Penny. Even though it looks a little peach, we love it! I also bought a new shower curtain to brighten the space. Long term: New light, paint the little shelves that surround the walls and a new, smaller pedastal sink.

The living room before.

The living room after. The carpet was removed, the wall heater (it's on a different wall from this picture) was removed, new trim was put in and I painted. I still have painting to do and the blinds to hang back up. In this picture you will see I was going for a "lived in" room with Jack's toys all over the floor. Long term: Area rug, a door mat, and a new home for my work desk.

The kitchen before.

The kitchen after. The countertops and backsplash were replaced and new trim put in. I haven't painted yet but it's on the list to do. Long term: Paint, install a shelf above the stove and change out the hardware in the cabinets.

Jack's room before.

Jack's room after. The carpet was removed, new floor was laid and new trim installed. Long term: Hang his corner shelves, get an area rug, install the curtains and blinds and make room for the new baby's crib. I have a hard time thinking about this!

I don't have pictures of our bedroom right now. Mostly because I hung up some blankets instead of curtains (classy right?) until we can get everything rehung. This room didn't change dramatically anyways since there was already wood floor in there.

These are "lived in" pictures and how our house looks on a daily basis. I don't fake my pictures or clean much before I take them. I hate staged pictures where not a speck of dust is out of place.

That is the end of our month long project folks! I am glad it's over!

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  1. Phew! I bet you're glad that's over! Everything looks fantastic!
    We should be FB buddies! I'll leave it up to you. My FB e-mail is raylward82@aol.com