Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cal is 6 Months Old!

Calvin Wyatt, you are half a year old!  And what an awesome 6 months it has been.

You are blossoming into a little boy already.  It's so much fun to see you change and grow.  But don't grow too fast!  I say this at every stage of my boys' life, but I think this age is my favorite.  Cal, you are so happy and LOVE people.  Here are some things you are up to this month:

* You got sick for the first time this month.  Big brother shared his cold with you and you took it a lot harder than the rest of the family.  Your sleep (what little you already get!) was disrupted and you have a nasty cough.  Last night was pretty rough and after taking you to the pediatrician, you have a double ear infection.  Your first ear infection!  Let's hope you don't take after Jack and get an ear infection with every cold you get.

* You love people but I think your favorite people are Mommy and Jack.  Every time you see either of us, your whole face lights up into a huge grin.  When Jack wakes up in the morning and comes running into the living room, you might be grumpy but as soon as you see him, you want him to notice you and pay attention to you.

* You are starting to recognize and identify the kitties.  If one crosses your path, you will try everything in your power to reach for them.  If we hold you close to one and let you "pet" it, you get a huge smile on your face.

* I say this all the time but I swear you are the happiest and most easy-going baby ever.  The only time you cry is if you are tired, hungry, have a dirty diaper or are hurt.  That's it.  Once in a while you will fuss to be held if you are in the bouncer for too long.

* You are rolling both ways and are scooting.  If we set you down on the floor, you will scoot over to a toy, your brother, a cat, or anything that piques your interest.  A few times you have pushed your chest up or gotten up on your knees.  Crawling can't be all that far away.

* Man you are teething.  Drool factory!  I keep checking for a tooth because the amount of drool you are producing is insane. No tooth yet!

* Your favorite toys right now are your Taggie blanket, your new piggy teether, and Mommy's knuckles (you gum them and shove them into your mouth).

* Sleep is still okay.  Not great, not terrible.  We tried to start sleep training you but the next night, you were sick and we stopped.  We won't try again until we know you are healthy.

* You are talking more and more.  You are saying your B's.  "Blah blah" and "Buah buah".  It's so stinkin' cute.

* You love your food!  Purees are going really well.  You will eat almost everything.  Green beans and peas aren't really your favorite but bananas and cereal are.  I think you are going to be a definite fruit man.  We have given you some Mum Mums and pieces of banana to suck on.  You go absolutely NUTS for those.  The other night when your teeth were bothering you, I gave you a cold piece of watermelon that I was eating.  I thought you were going to devour the whole thing!  You kept sucking and moving your little head like a bird to get more of it.

* I don't have your exact stats because I was a Mommy Failure and didn't make your 6 month well baby visit on time.  However, I do know that from your appointment today you weigh 18 pounds 6 ounces.  I have no idea what percentile that is.

We love you big boy!


  1. I seriously cannot believe he is already 6 months old...

  2. This post makes me even more excited for my little guy to come!
    I can't believe he's already 6 months!