Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day at the Beach

This past Saturday, Jason and I packed up the car and drove to the coast.  I love living in a state where not only the beach, but the mountain and desert are all within 2 hours of Portland.

I loaded the cooler with a picnic lunch, snacks and brought a bag of beach toys, towels and a blanket.  We set off with coffee in hand and were in Seaside, on the actual beach by 10:30.

Jack had a blast digging in the sand, walking down to the ocean with me and eating his picnic lunch (he exclaimed "This is a GREAT picnic!").  Cal on the other hand, was content to sit on the blanket or in a lap the entire time.  He didn't love the sand.  I think the texture of it bothered him.

We enjoyed the warm weather and cool breeze until about 12:00 when we then set off for the carousel and the arcade.  Once again, with the change of routine or being out of his comfort zone, Cal was cautious and didn't seem to love the carousel.  Jack loved it.  He also loved being able to play games at the arcade.

Since the boys still need to nap, we left the coast at 1:30 and let the boys nap in the car.  I am glad we didn't stay for much longer because I was getting a little red.  I am great about putting sunscreen on the kids but not great about putting it on myself.

I am excited to take the kids to the beach again.  Especially as they get older and we can stay longer without worrying about naps.

Enjoy the pictures below!
Our blanket all set up

 His pure delight in these pictures is so fun

Running ahead

We brought home a whole sand dollar

Napping with Daddy

Our picnic lunch - including lots of sand

A rare shot of the hubband

An even more rare shot of the both of us

Cal enjoying his trip to the candy store while brother and Daddy played in the arcade.

At the arcade eating his deedee (candy)

Jack collecting all his tickets


  1. Anonymous7/17/2013

    Jack looks so grown up with his haircut! Make time slow down!
    It looks like you guys had a blast! It's so nice to just be able to get away from home for a little bit and make memories with your kids!

  2. Looks like a GREAT time!