Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Miscellaneous

There is tons going on these days in our house.  I need some motivation and inspiration to blog about profound topics - not like I have ever done anything profound on this blog - and something interesting.

In the meantime, here are my randoms:

* Jack is potty trained!  He still wears Pull Ups for naps and overnights but he is officially in underwear during the day.  Jason and I had enough and just put him in underpants one day.  He did great!  He has had a couple of accidents, typically when he's distracted like watching a movie or eating.  He goes both poop and pee without prompting and he has even has worn underwear with no accidents for outings, church, etc.  He is brave and peed and pooped on toilets that aren't in his home.  Now we need to focus on potty training for naps and overnight.

* We took the boys to the beach this past Saturday.  Jack has been to the actual beach once and Cal has never been.  I packed a picnic lunch, sand toys, blankets and we set off.  Jack had an absolute blast digging in the sand, splashing in the water, and playing games in the arcade.  Cal?  He wasn't thrilled with the sand.  He sat on the blanket or on our laps the entire time.  If we tried to put him on the sand, he cried.  It must have been the texture.  He did have a great time bopping around the town in the stroller and he loved being able to pick out his own candy at the candy store.  Both boys rode on the carousel as well.  I took some pictures but will post those another time.

* I am back to knitting again.  I am currently working on this scarf for my cousin.  It's a long overdue project.  She wanted it in a cream color so that is what I am using.  It knits up really fast and it's using a stitch that I have never tried before.

I am also working on this scarf for my mom.  It is 99% done and the only reason it's not completely done is because I ran out of yarn!  Of course, the yarn that I need is virtually sold out everywhere.  I had to order from a supplier that had literally one skein left.  So I am waiting for that to come in so I can finish.

This is the yarn I am using.  It's so soft and the color is beautiful.  I do have to say, sometimes it pays to spend more on yarn.  The quality beats the $4 skeins from the craft store by far.

Yarn credit:  Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery

Since I have project ADD, I also started a hat for my mom.  She wanted a slouchy beret so I found this pattern.

I am using a berry colored tweed yarn.  It's turning out really nice.  When I actually finish these projects, I will definitely post pictures.

* I made this meatloaf the other day per Jason's request. Mine looked pretty close to the recipe when it was done baking.  It was tasty but I am not a huge bacon fan (I know, I am a weirdo).  Jason devoured it and there was tons of leftovers to his delight.  

Some other meals on our agenda for the next few days are Cheesy Spaghetti, Mongolian Beef with rice, Italian Macaroni and Cheese, Pasta salad and baked chicken, Shish Kabobs with roasted broccoli and whatever else I can dig up.  

* Jack got a haircut the other day.  He was getting shaggy.  I had it cut super short for the summer.  It's almost buzzed.  He looks so handsome.

* Jason is leaving town in a couple of weeks for his annual guys' weekend at the cabin.  And he has a white water rafting trip planned for August.  The other day he was mentioning that he thinks *I* need to get away for a kid free weekend.  I was shocked.  I have thought that it would be nice to get away, but never put it into action.  After his comment, I have been looking for inexpensive, dog-friendly hotels on the coast or possibly on Mt. Hood to book.  The thought of taking the dog to the beach, being able to sleep in, drink my coffee in peace, taking walks on the beach, knitting, reading and watching tv sounds heavenly.

* It is so nice having a finished fence!  We can let the dog out and not have to worry about standing there supervising him or having him run away.  Beau loves laying in the sun and running around the yard.  He gets tons of interaction at the dog park.  I try to take him a few times a week either during a lunch hour or after the boys go to sleep at night.  It's fun watching him play and run.  He comes home and just crashes afterwards.

* Jason's 36th birthday is next Tuesday and the only plans we have are for a cake and steaks for dinner.  I haven't even bought him a present yet (he will be leaving town a couple of days after).  Maybe I will go shopping the weekend he is gone but I truly have no idea what to get him.

That is about all for now.  I hope to have a post up about our beach day in a bit.

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