Monday, July 8, 2013

Independence Day

I am so glad we planned a barbeque this year for Independence Day.  We had such a fabulous time!

Jason invited about 10 of his friends and their family and I invited about the same.  Since it was last minute when we invited everyone, we ended up only having 9 of the originally invited people plus our family of 4.  13 people was actually a good size.  Some of our neighbors popped over for a bit bringing our total to 17 at times.

I am such a superwoman sometimes.  Not only did I mow the yard and get all the toys cleaned up, I cooked some of the food and cleaned the house without help.

Here are some pictures of the day.

Most of the yard.  We had a kiddie pool, a fun sprinkler, the water table, sidewalk chalk, balls and a basketball hoop, and bubbles for the kids to play with.

Both of my cutie pies in their patriotic gear

Jack with Nana and Papa enjoying a snack

Don't worry folks, it was empty

Cal loves his watermelon.  I didn't care if the kids got messy, what they ate, what they played with as long as they were having fun.  They ate a lot of chips and fruit that day.

Jack chilling on the slide eating a snack

Daddy and Jack playing with sparklers.  Side note: I am begging Jason to shave and get his haircut.  He just won't do it.

Like Father, like Son.  They love their fireworks.

Cal and Nana

Once it got dark everyone gathered in the front to sit and watch fireworks.  Jack was mesmerized.

Some of our guests

We had such a great time.  Great food, great guests, fun fireworks.  The boys both stayed up later than normal and they ended up sleeping in the next morning.  I am definitely going to plan a party for next year too!

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