Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eagle Fest 2013

This past weekend, we packed up the family and drove to Cathlamet, Washington where my in-laws have their boat moored.  Every year, the town and the marina put on The Bald Eagle Fest.  There is a parade, tons of vendors, food stands, games for the kids and a fireworks show.

We went last year and in some ways, it was easier last year and harder.  Easier because Calvin wasn't mobile yet and harder because I was still pumping and we have the addition of a dog this year.

I tried not caring about the kids' nap schedule, what they ate (as long as they didn't eat JUST candy all weekend) and what they played with, as long as they weren't in any danger.  After all, they wore life vests whenever they were up on deck walking around the boat.

We schlepped into town for parade on Saturday morning.  Jack was excited with the prospect of getting candy because all the trucks and floats throw candy to the crowd.  I didn't get many pictures of the parade or the weekend in general because let's be honest:  It's hard chasing after two very active boys and trying to keep them away from the water.

Here are the pictures I did take.  Enjoy!

The marina.  It was packed because a lot of yacht clubs come in for the weekend for the festivities.

Cal waiting for the parade to start

Jack and his WTF face.  Not sure what was going on here.

I love that the town is dog friendly.  We got a lot of people coming up to us to pet Beau.

The boys up on the bridge.  Papa wanted to show them how to start up the boat.

Jack and his sensitive ears

Much of the weekend was spent doing this.  Climbing the stairs and making sure no one fell.  Beau, ever the protector.

Helllooooo!  Anyone home?

After a potluck picnic with my in-laws' best friends and their kids and grandkids (did you catch all that?), we camped out up on the dike and waited for the fireworks to start.  There were 17 of us total and we had a blast talking, letting the kids play, and eating.  I snuggled with baby Clara who is 8 weeks old while her mama got to eat some dinner.  My mother-in-law bought the boys some lite sabers to play with while waiting for the fireworks.

My sweet Cal

Jack showing off his lite saber skills

The dog isn't spoiled or anything

Jack roasting his first ever marshmallow with Grammy Vicky

I love the joy and wonder in his eyes while watching the fireworks

Cal was indifferent.  He was so tired since his bedtime is usually 7:30 and it was close to 10:30 when this picture was taken.

We had a great time, although we were pooped when we got home.  The dog slept for like 18 hours straight, the kids crashed at 8:00 and didn't make a peep until the next morning at 8:00.

Isn't this what summer is about?  Family and fun adventures.  I hope we can have many more like it.

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