Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh the Burn!

On Wednesday, my heartburn went from mild to unbearable. It has been okay up to this point. Typically, when I get heartburn, I just take a few Tums and it goes away. Well, half a bottle of Tums later (well at least it seemed like that) and milk, it was still going strong. I was desperate and willing to try anything.

So I tried the most vile, disgusting suggestion I have ever heard. Now, before you vomit all over this post, realize that it really truly worked. 15 minutes after my remedy, I was heartburn free.

White vinegar. That's my secret weapon. Just drink it plain. I am not talking gallons here or even a glass. I drank the equivalent to about three or four tablespoons. It was gross, don't get me wrong. It burned slightly on the way down. It made me burp vinegar for a few minutes. But it worked. That is all that is important.

If you need a failproof solution, turn to your kitchen and drink some vinegar. In a pinch, pickle juice would probably work too since it's mostly vinegar.

Halleluah! A solution that works for my new fun experience of heartburn.

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