Monday, December 28, 2009

A Pregnant Girl's Best Friends

Well, at least THIS pregnant girl's best friends. I will elaborate more, but here are my best friends these days:

* Orange juice
* Warm baths
* Body pillow
* Oversize t-shirts
* Fuzzy socks
* A coworker who is due at the same time as I am

Orange juice. I haven't really experienced any pregnancy cravings. In the first trimester, someone would mention a particular food item and I would instantly want it. The urges were never consistent. Until now. The past two weeks, I am drinking orange juice like it's going out of style. Seriously, I must have a vitamin C deficiency or something.

Warm baths. I wake up every morning feeling like I did not rest well. Add that to the constant hip pain and it makes for a very grumpy pregnant person. I find that if I take a warm bath (yes, baths are okay as long as the water isn't so hot that you cook your baby) and a Tylenol before bed and lie on the heating pad for a few minutes, I wake up feeling so so so much better.

Body pillow. See above. Hip pain and now the belly seems to hurt at night so I sleep with a body pillow. Poor Jason probably feels like he has to compete for bed space. I sleep with the pillow wedged between my legs and also under my belly. Keep in mind, a body pillow doesn't have to cost a fortune (Hello! Snoogle anyone?). I spent $20 and got mine at Target.

Oversize t-shirts. Most pajamas don't fit me anymore. I have taken to wearing my husband's old t-shirts to bed. He is bigger than me, and his old shirts are perfect! Right now I am wearing a t-shirt from Jamaica that says Red Stripe Beer. Ironic? Who cares! It fits, it's soft and it's comfortable. I still have some room in it too for my belly to grow into.

Fuzzy socks. My sister gave me two pairs for Christmas. I love them. God bless my sister. I don't like wearing slippers because my feet get too hot and start to sweat. Not pretty. The fuzzy socks are so much better, and let's face it, they are damn soft!

A coworker that is due the same time as I am. It has been so nice to compare notes to my coworker. We seem to have the same symptoms at the same time. It's a little creepy actually. She knows all about body issues, morning sickness, not finding clothes that are cute, cravings, aches and pains and other maladies. Thank goodness for her because I might go crazy at work if I couldn't talk to her.

Those folks are my pregnancy best friends. I would love to hear your's! Comment on this post and let me know who/what your best friends are right now.

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  1. I'm also experiencing hip pains and a few leg cramps at night. I got the Snoogle for Christmas and it is wonderful! I lap my hip on it and wedge it between my legs. I don't even need pillows anymore! My other favs are my sofa (its sooo comfortable), back and foot massages (he gives the best!) and apples. I've always loved apples but now it's really insane how many apples I can eat a day! Wow, this little girl is going to LOVE apples......or hate them intensely!LOL