Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Add It to the List

I had my 33 week (almost 34 week) doctor's appointment yesterday. I wanted to specifically talk to my OB about the numbness and pain in my hands and wrists. I have noticed for the past week or so that not only are my hands incredibly swollen but they are painful too. I can no longer wear my wedding ring and I have taken to calling myself Gorilla Hands.

The numbness started out as tingly fingertips but it has now spread to my whole hands. My wrists ache, almost like I have arthritis. I will be eating something with a fork and my hands go numb. Talking on the phone, numb hands. Sleeping, numb hands. Putting on mascara, numb hands. Typing, numb hands.

I did some reading and sought some advice online and thought it might be carpal tunnel caused by all the swelling and pressing against the joints.

My OB confirmed it. Carpal tunnel. Did I mention that a major part of my job includes typing? I write documentation, so I spend my whole day at the computer. Yes, I can take occasional breaks, but when I am typing a sentence (like right now) and my hands go numb, I have to stop. I have no choice.

There is absolutely nothing I can do other than to keep drinking a lot of water and perhaps get myself some of those neat wrist braces.

So, add this to the list of pregnancy maladies that I have had. It's all worth it. That is what I keep telling myself. The morning sickness (all day sickness), worry over weight gain, feeling fat, having heartburn, the fear of miscarriage, lack of sleep, numb hands, and other gross "lady" issues all mean that I get to hold my little man after 9 months.

Oh, and let's not even talk about how I gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks! Holy crap! My doctor isn't concerned. He thinks, and I am sure a majority of it is water retention. Hence, the crazy Gorilla Hands.

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  1. I gained 5.5 in 2 weeks, found that out today. Urgh. That's a quick way to depress yourself in the morning. Boo.