Monday, July 18, 2011

12 Week Check Up

It's only two weeks late right? Due to scheduling issues on my part and on the doctor's, I had my 12 week appointment today. I am 14 weeks tomorrow. Oh well!

This is probably the appointment that I like the least. The pap smear (ugh) and all the poking and prodding just aren't very fun. I did get to hear our wee one's heartbeat on the doppler, so that was very nice. It was a healthy 158 bpm.

I talked to my doctor about his thoughts on a VBAC and he is about 50/50 in favor. It obviously depends on the situation and the reason that the mother had a c-section the last time. Based on the fact that I didn't progress much more than 5 centimeters after 12 hours and Jack was in a funky position, I am not a good candidate. If I had a c-section because of a breech situation or had a previous successful vaginal delivery, he would be more in favor. He also explained the risk of uterine rupture is fairly low (about 1 or 2 out of 100 births) but it does happen. Plus, I would have to deliver at a different hospital in case of any issues with the baby. So, it looks like I will be having a repeat c-section. I am not thrilled but then I want my baby to be healthy.

He also discussed having my tubes tied after two babies, which I am not thrilled with either. I am toying with the idea of having one more but Jason thinks he is done with two. We shall see.

All in all, it was a good appointment. The fact that we have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled now is pretty scary! That means I will be halfway through at that point!

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  1. Wow, as far as ours and our husbands opinions on how many babies, we are in the exat same spot. But, our Dr.'s are totally opposite on the c-section debate. I like you stalled at 5 centimeters but that was after 30 hours of hard contractions. My Dr. is pushing a vbac even though I'm scared to death that I'll run in to stalled dilation again. Weird!