Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sorry, I Lied

This post won't be full of pictures sorry. I didn't take very many due to the fact that I was chasing a busy toddler and he doesn't generally hold still. We had a great weekend though.

Saturday was spent at the zoo with Julie and her little boy (he is smart and cute by the way). Jack conked out towards lunchtime, so I thought it was smart to get him home and down for a nap. We had a great time, but Jack was scared of the dinosaur exhibit. I don't blame him. They were pretty scary making those loud roars and such. We didn't get ice cream with Daddy like I wanted to because the boy (both of them actually) were pretty fussy. After a quick trip to the store for Drumsticks, all was well. Jack had a mini Drumstick, but he isn't the ice cream type.

Sunday was awesome. Seriously. Morning nap lasted an hour and a half. After a filling lunch, instead of going shopping like I had planned (boring!), Jack and I went to family swim at a local pool. I had chosen that pool because it had a kiddie area complete with fountains and a very shallow area. Oh dear. I could not drag my son out of that pool. He was fearless! He was jumping all over in the water, running as fast as he could, getting his head wet, playing in the fountains and the best part? He wanted to go on the waterslide over and over. We went on that waterslide about four times. And it was not dangerous, so my new wee one is perfectly safe. After tuckering the boy out, he had an afternoon nap of two hours. Yeehaw! It was heaven. I even had a little catnap myself.

Monday was cleaning up day and just being lazy for the most part. I did sneak in a fun trip to a playground where Jack spent his time picking up sticks and rocks and running in the grass. A man with his son commented "Boy, he sure is busy". People don't seem to believe how active he is until they see him in action. I hate fireworks and Jason had to work so we didn't have any real 4th festivities. He was dressed in patriotic gear, but that's about it.

This was a good weekend. Of course, there were times that I wanted to pull my hair out proving my theory that I would make a terrible stay-at-home mom. I do enjoy when he goes down for a nap so I can actually breathe. My friend Jenn over at PDX Momma says it best. They get into shit that they shouldn't and it just gets tiring. You can only say so many times "Jack, please don't play in the cat's water bowl" or "Jack, be gentle with the kitty" or "Honey, you shouldn't climb on the coffee table. You could fall and get hurt" or "Let's not push buttons on Daddy's computer". Seriously, the child is busy and I get tired. If that makes me a bad mom, so be it.

I hope everyone had a great 4th and got some rest! I sure didn't get much but that is okay in my book.

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