Thursday, July 21, 2011


I thought it would be fun to start tracking all the words that Jack can say. I am going to put a log on the side of my blog and below is the start of it, along with the pronunciation of things. I am considering it a word if he can't say it completely right but he uses it consistently and knows the meaning.

Car = Cah (like the Boston accent with this one?)
Bye bye = Buh buh
Dog = Daw
Banana = Noh noh
Duck = Duh
Bubbles = Bubbahs
Bath = Baaa
Please = Ease
Kitty = Key
Mickey = Key
What's that? = Dat

I am sure I will be adding more words very soon. His favorite thing to say right now is bye bye. He says it to everyone for every reason complete with the hand wave. It's too stinkin' cute.

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