Sunday, July 10, 2011

Differences - This Time

Now that I am expecting baby number two, I have already told myself that I am going to do things a lot differently this time. Of course, we learned a lot with Jack and I plan to use those experiences this time around.

* We use disposables with Jack. The thought of cloth diapering when I was pregnant skeeved me out. After all, I didn't want to have to touch poop or clean diapers. Ew! After about a week, that issue was no longer an issue. Poop no longer bothered me. This time, we are going to try cloth diapers. I say try because I might find it too cumbersome or time consuming with a toddler and a newborn. BUT, we will try. I have already purchased two covers and am on the lookout for the inserts I want (hey, Rebecca, get on that new Etsy project for me ; ) ).

* I plan on breastfeeding this time around. I did with Jack as well, but it was so stressful with his reflux and not knowing how to suck. I spent many days crying and stressing out. My supply suffered, I suffered, my husband suffered, and I feel that might be the root cause of my PPD. I refuse to let others dictate how I should feed my baby. Again, I will try, but I am not going to go through that heartache again. I know many people that formula fed right off the bat and their babies are perfectly fine!

* I WILL RELAX. This is a big one for me. I was so unable to relax and enjoy Jack's newborn stage and as a result, I have forgotten so much. This time, I will not freak out over every little thing. After all, I have been through most of it before so I know what to expect. I was unable to sleep or eat because I would freak out if my child made any little sound. I was afraid to take a shower in case Jack would wake up and cry for a millisecond. I know now that if this one cries, it's okay. I can finish my shower (as long as it's quick) or finish my sandwich without having heart palpitations.

* We will start this one on a sleep routine right away. Not RIGHT away, but within three of four months. I will try and not rock this baby to sleep every night. Yes, rocking is okay, but after a year of struggles with nap and sleeping at night, I realize that not allowing Jack to go to sleep drowsy on his own really had an effect. At 17 months he still does not sleep through the night. I will be brushing up on The No Cry Sleep Solution and reading what to do for small babies. I won't resort to cry it out, don't worry. He/she will be way too young for that. We will be putting he/she down drowsy and allow them to figure out what night night time means.

* I will let people help. This was hard for me. I am such a control freak that I didn't allow myself any time to just sit back and hold my baby. If someone was over to visit or help, I would take the opportunity to do laundry or fix them a drink. This time, the tables will be turned folks. If you come over to visit, yes, you can hold the baby, but be expected to help me out too. After all, I just had a baby. And if someone asks, YES, I can use some help. Bring over a meal, come watch the baby so I can take a nap. I wish I had taken advantage of this last time when people offered.

* I refuse to obsess over my pregnancy weight. When I was pregnant the last time, I would get upset at the doctors office on the scale. I would get upset if I gained too much. I am overweight to begin with and shouldn't be gaining all that much weight. But you know what? Jack was healthy and I lost all that weight almost immediately. I am standing backwards on the scale so I can't see my weight and I will eat what I want when I want it. Granted, this is not an excuse to go crazy, but I won't kick myself if I eat a damn cookie. Since I don't feel well most of the time anyways, this won't be too hard. I am lucky if I get three meals in during the day since I feel like I could throw up at any time. Plus, most foods don't sound good, so my caloric intake is pretty limited to what sounds good at the time. Last night, it was root beer. Seriously. I could have just drank a glass of root beer for dinner. Healthy right?

I know that it is likely that I will think of more things, and I also might change my mind on some of these tactics. After all, I am a pregnant woman who has a hard time making up her mind in the first place.


  1. I really hope your post-partum days are better this time around. I also feel like my failure to breastfeed led to my PPD (my doctor said that and c-sections are usually what sparks it). I'm scared to ever get PG again because of what I went through with Emily (reflux and all).

  2. Isn't it fun that Jack & Ella were born on the same day and now we're so close this time around too? Plus, too bad I have to work ridiculous hours this week because I live about an hour out of Denver!