Friday, July 22, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Early in the week, I started feeling like something could be wrong. I was feeling "off". Although I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, I called on Thursday and asked if I could come in to the office and leave a sample.

My lower back was aching so bad, which is very unusual for me. One day of lower back pain is one thing, but four days in a row is not normal. Plus, I had cramps in my abdomen and pressure in my bladder region. These are the exact same symptoms I had when I was 15 weeks pregnant with Jack and it turned out to be a UTI.

Guess what? I am almost 15 weeks pregnant. Me thinks this is not a coincidence. Something must be up with my anatomy for this to happen twice. I checked my blog history to find out exactly when it happened the last time, and I found this. Wow. Same exact symptoms, same time frame. Ironic no?

I am on medication now for a confirmed UTI. Quite a bad one too so I am glad I went in. My doctor wants me to come back in a week to make sure I am better and check to make sure it hasn't moved to my kidneys. Apparently it can be very serious if it does. I am not worried though. I doubt it will morph into a kidney infection when I am on antibiotics.

I wonder what other symptoms/conditions/issues are going to repeat themselves this time? Heartburn? Terrible hip pain (God, I hope not)? Swelling? Pregnancy carpal tunnel?

Eeesh, fun times I have in store.

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