Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's In Your Fridge?

I copied this idea from Meredith's blog. I think it's fun, but my fridge is nowhere near as neat and clean as her's is.

The condiment door. What a disaster, but honestly? Who's looks very nice? If your's does, I think you are lying.

First shelf: Butter, eggs, sour cream

Second shelf: Pickles, ketchup, lemon juice, taco sauce, two different kinds of olives, relish.

Compartment to the right: That huge tub is full of sauce packets from various fast food restaurants. My husband insists on keeping them. Don't tell him that I periodically throw a bunch away. Three different kinds of all fruit jam, mustard and a tube of tomato paste.

Compartment underneath: Tub of garlic, jar of capers, breadcrumbs, shakey cheese (Parmesan in a tub, ick), and peanut butter.

Bottom shelf: Two kinds of coffee creamer, banana liquer, maple syrup from Maine (yum), mudslide mix, mayo and Ceaser salad dressing.

The main door. Don't worry about our lack of fruits and veggies. Our fruit stored in our fruit basket near the pantry along with onions, tomatoes and those other things that don't get refrigerated. I also have a stock pile of frozen veggies in the freezer. I don't cook often enough during the week to use up fresh vegetables fast enough.

Top shelf: Barbeque sauce holder and various sauces. Leftovers from Popeye's chicken (Jason loves that place), almond butter, fresh salsa and a huge container of hot sausage from Costco. The other side holds our two kinds of milk (whole for Jack and 1% for me and Jason) as well as our Brita pitcher and the rest of a can of cat food.

Second shelf: Leftover green beans, leftover spaghetti sauce and leftover fried chicken. The other side holds some tortillas and leftover chicken parmesan. I baked a huge batch for dinner and some for Jason's lunch.

Third shelf: Our salad spinner full of lettuce, Jack's yogurt, Jason's yogurt, a ready-to-use pie crust, hummus, mandarin oranges and leftover taco meat from burrito night. Our meat drawer holds various meats and cheeses. The freezer holds most of our meat (chicken, ground beef, steak, pork chops). I pull them out when I am ready to use them.

Bottom drawers: One side holds Jason's beer and a bag of baby carrots. The other side holds the containers of juice that don't have another space. Apple juice and pineapple orange, both for the boy.

What do you have in your fridge? How often do you clean it? I try to make a habit of cleaning it out every other week before I go grocery shopping. That way I know what I have on-hand and know what I need to shop efficiently.

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