Thursday, September 1, 2011

Days Two and Three

I didn't do a separate post for Day 2 since there wasn't a huge amount of change. Therefore, I am combining. It's dramatic the changes that have been made over the last two days!

Here are some pictures of the progress along with my thoughts.

The carpet is gone! I was concerned that when the carpet was pulled up that the floor would be in super good condition. What a concern right? The reason I was concerned is because then I would regret our decision to lay new floor instead of refinish the existing. However, with the patch work that would need to be done on the fireplace hole (picture in a minute) along with the supplies, it would have significantly added to the budget.

Look at this floor. It's beautiful. Sigh.....

But here is the deciding factor as to why we won't be refinishing. The gaping hole where the fireplace used to be. Finding flooring to match and making sure it's secure would be a project. We will be keeping the hardwood underneath in case the new owners really want to refinish it.

Here is the kitchen. The backsplash is gone, revealing lovely 80's wallpaper. Isn't it nice?

Lovely wallpaper complete with pastel flowers.

Does anyone have an idea as to what this mysterious hole might be? I am not sure. Maybe old plumbing?

The hole where the wall heater was is now spackled (or is it mudded?) and covered. I am shocked at how good it looks!

And now that the wall heater is gone, the thermostat is no longer needed. Yippee!

And, here is the bathroom! The drywall is up and mudded. I am not sure how many more layers of spackle are needed but I am hoping the tile will come soon.

All in all, I am very pleased with the progress. Today when I go over, I am hoping to see the tile in the shower being started and maybe the kitchen counter destroyed. Am I the only odd person out there that loves seeing destruction of ugly house stuff?

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