Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Go The F*%$ To Sleep

I want to buy this book or at least read it. I would be willing to bet it would help my mood with Jack's recent sleep regression. Folks, this sucks.

Jack was never a good sleeper by any means but it's gotten bad. I chalk this up to living with my in-laws. He is in a new place, a new crib, new people and all that crap.

My son used to go down to sleep at 7:00. I would place him in his crib awake and he would eventually put himself to sleep. Not so much now. The past couple of nights if I try to place him in his crib awake, he screams inconsolably. Normally, I would let him cry for a few minutes, but guess what? This is not kosher with the father-in-law. He gets distressed if Jack cries so he goes in and rubs his back to sleep. I keep explaining that it's no big deal and he will stop crying after three minutes max. Let him cry. No dice. The last two nights I have had to resort to rocking him to sleep. This sucks for many reasons. It's really friggin hard on my back to rock a toddler on a bed in the spare room. It teaches him that this is the new norm for going to sleep. This is the first issue.

The next issue? Since we are sleeping in the same room, when Jack wakes up, he refuses to go back in his crib. Guess what that means? My no longer bedsharing toddler now wants to bedshare. Damn it! I thought we had broken this habit. Almost four months of sleeping in his crib and not bedsharing and the child regresses. This is the second issue.

The third issue? Jack used to sleep from about 7:00 to 2:00 or sometimes 3:00 in the morning. Now? He is waking up anywhere from 10:30 to 12:30 and wants to come to bed with me. So much for a long stretch of sleep. Nope! He wakes up and wants to come to bed with Mommy. This child is spoiled.

I am hoping all these issues can be corrected once we are back in our own place. It will likely take a week of breaking the "habits" he has acquired while here. This week will consist of crying it out in his crib (likely), waking up every hour (very likely) and wanting to sleep with Mommy (almost certain).

This SUCKS. Truly sucks. I am tired and want my bed back. My 22 week pregnant body needs rest without a toddler constantly kicking me in the stomach and smacking me in the face.

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  1. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. My sister actually got that book. I read it to David, changing a choice word to "duck." He actually did fall asleep while I was reading it to him. I highly recommend it. :-D