Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Living "Abroad"

I put abroad in quotes because let's face it, living 8 miles from your home isn't really abroad.

I want to do this post because it's important to evaluate our situation at the in-laws while our house is being remodeled. I was leery of living in their home for potentially up to a month. Not because we wouldn't get along, but because I didn't want to invade their space.

The first week was rather smooth. They were on vacation and out of town for the majority of the time so our paths really didn't cross. We have our own bathroom here, our own bedroom (which the three of us share) and during the day when I am working, my in-laws are both at work. The house is very quiet.

The biggest advantage? The space. Their home is at least 1400 square feet which is about double the size of our home. Jack has a fenced in backyard to play in. He has free roam of the open floor plan and he loves running from room to room and causing trouble. I can be in the family room/kitchen and not bother my in-laws if they are in the living room. As a matter of fact, that is what I am doing now. There is a tv in here and I have my own little space. I can read, watch tv, surf the net, or whatever.

My mother-in-law cooks every night but I have made it clear that she is under no circumstances to cook dinner for us. She offers but I tell her no most nights. I don't want to eat their food on top of staying in their home. She will cook for herself and my father-in-law but since they eat pretty late, Jack has already eaten and usually so have I.

I have bought almost all our own groceries and cook for Jack using food I either brought or have purchased while we have been here. Yes, I have eaten some of their food as well (so has Jason) but I have either restocked it or bought something similar in its place.

We are really trying not to be a burden. I tidy up the house every night, put our dishes in the dishwasher, don't rely on them to take care of Jack, have vaccuumed and cleaned when they were on vacation so they don't come home to a messy house, watered the plants and cleaned the cat box. All our laundry is done by me and I have it out of the dryer immediately so as to not impose. I do not want to be "that" houseguest.

If you asked my in-laws, I would be willing to bet that they don't notice us most of the time. Yes, we are present in the house but all in all pretty quiet.

Ask me again in a week. Things may have changed dramatically. Let's hope not.

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