Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mish Mash

* We are still living with my in-laws, although we are moving this weekend. It honestly hasn't been that bad.

* The house renovations are officially DONE! I am still in the process of painting, but I will be done by the weekend. I appreciate all the help that my friend Michelle provided this weekend. I wouldn't have been nearly as far without her!

* Jack is having a rough couple of days. I am not sure if he's teething, tired, or just plain wanting to go home. He cried when I dropped him off at daycare yesterday and when I picked him up, he was very cranky and ended up not having a bath because he wouldn't stop crying or let me undress him.

* I travel to Denver for work next week. This is the worst possible time. Seriously. I am very grateful for my job but with moving back in and unpacking and wanting to enjoy my house, it's just not a good time.

* Speaking of Denver, I didn't have any work appropriate clothes that fit my fat butt so I had to go buy a pair of black pants. I am going to be "that" person that wears pants for several different days. I have two dresses and plenty of tops so it won't look like I only own one pair of pants, which I sadly do.

* There is a huge list of house stuff that I want to buy. I am not talking an entire redecorating process, just a few things that would better match. For example, since the burgundy tile is gone from the bathroom, I can pick a new shower curtain that will look much better with the new paint. I am thinking of something in the aqua family to brighten the room up. We also need area rugs so our floors aren't ice cold in the winter. I can't pull the trigger and spend over $150 on a single rug though. I am cheap.

* I am 23 weeks pregnant today. If I assume that I am going to deliver at 39 that means I have 16 weeks to go. Holy chit.

* A Facebook friend of mine, Cara, delivered her baby boy early yesterday and he's in the NICU with several issues. If you could spare any good thoughts and prayers, I would greatly appreciate it and I know she would too.

I will get some new and updated pictures of the house soon. Keep checking back!

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  1. First and foremost, I am absolutely praying for your friends little boy! I hope for speedy growth, no complications, and a speedy NICU stay!
    Of course you have to leave mid day Friday, since my other days off are Saturday & Sunday. =) We'll get to meet sometime I'm sure. =) And Yay on getting the house finished!