Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Helpers

This post will be dedicated to my favorite baby products this "go around".  I had some favorites with Jack but as a second time mom, these have changed. 

Here are my top five favorite products:

1.  Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play

We don't have a crib or a place for Cal to sleep in the boy's room yet.  And since I knew as a newborn he would be waking up several times a night it was important for us to have him room in.  Bassinets and cradles are pretty spendy unless you have a chance to buy used or thrift store shop.  I looked into this product and everyone raves about how awesome it is.  Knowing there was a chance we would have a reflux baby again as well as a frequent waker, this was a no-brainer. 

Cal sleeps in this at night and for some naps.  He seems cozy and comfy.  It's nice having him right beside me in bed where I can reach over and rock the sleeper or reinsert a binky.

I held out hope that my baby would sleep awesome in this thing.  While he doesn't sleep through the night yet (and I don't expect him to for a looooooong time), it is nice that he seems to sleep better in the Rock 'N Play.

2.  Boppy

With two kids, it becomes a juggling match.  I can't always haul the baby around while I am chasing Jack, fixing his meals, etc.  The Boppy is great for setting Cal in for a short (and supervised) amount of time.  He can lay and see the world.  We also put him in the Boppy (again, supervised) for naps.  Jack slept in his Boppy a lot as well.  Not only can you use it for sitting, breastfeeding and tummy time, but you can use it for your own pillow!  In the middle of the night when Cal is being particularly noisy and grunty, I will head out to the couch and sit with him.  I use the Boppy behind me for support on the couch.  Just this morning I actually used it as a pillow.  It's that versatile!

3. Stretchy blankets

When Jack was a baby, I prefered to swaddle him in SwaddleMe blankets.  With Cal, I prefer stretchy blankets.  This could change of course, but in the middle of the night when I am un-swaddling him for a bottle, I would prefer not to hear the zzzzzzzp! of undoing the velcro closures.  The best blankets I have found for swaddling are usually from Carter's.  They are soft, thin enough not to sweat out my kid and just big enough to make a good tight swaddle.

4.  Burp cloths

I keep a stack of burp cloths in the living room so there are always some on hand for Cal.  My favorites are the pre-fold diapers you can buy at Babies R Us.  They are cheap and good quality.  My child is a spitter (darn reflux baby!) and I like something that is absorbent and easy to wash.  I have some flannel burp cloths but they do not absorb like they should even if they are cute and have fun patterns.

5.  Skip Hop Duo Diaper bag

OMG.  This is a recent purchase.  Before, I used a black tote bag from Costco.  This diaper bag?  Best EVER!  I love how many pockets it has.  I love that it comes with a changing pad.  I love that it's stylish.  I love that it has a strap that goes over your stroller. 

Isn't she lovely?

This is the print that I have.  I honestly never thought I would be one of those women that wanted a trendy diaper bag but I was out shopping a couple of weekends ago and came across this beauty at Nordstrom on sale.  I snatched it up and am soooo glad I did.  I can't say enough good things about this bag.  I honestly plan on using it far after Cal outgrows it. 

6.  Baskets

This seems like a strange item to put on the list but I can't live without baskets for organizing.  I have baskets all over the house to keep baby gear sorted.  I have two baskets in our kitchen.  One for bibs and one for pacifiers.  I have numerous baskets in the boys' room for things like pants, socks, toys, burp cloths, etc.  I even have a decorative basket in our living room for extra wipes, burp cloths, spare diapers, and random toys.  These are my lifesavers and with a small house you use any organizing tool that you can. 

That is my list for now.  I am sure as Cal grows, I will add to it.

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  1. I too love using cloth trifold diapers for burp cloths ... they also come in handy right after having the baby when your milk supply is crazy. I would sleep with one in my bra to prevent leaks at night ... lol ... I know ... TMI ... but it worked!