Thursday, April 12, 2012

Newest Diaper Purchases

Cloth diapers are addicting.  For real.  I can't stop looking online for new diapers, different brands, fun patterns and learning more about what kinds work for others. 

Let's face it, Cal has plenty of diapers.  He truly doesn't need any more.  However, MOM wants more.  I tell myself it's because it means more time being laundry loads.  Or, because we could keep a couple of spare diapers in the diaper bag without depleted the stash.  Or maybe it's because I just can't help how cute they are.

I love trying out new diapers and my latest purchase is going to allow me to do just that.  I bought four different diapers all in brands I have never tried before.

Rumparooz G2 One Size diaper with Aplix in Ladder print

I know the picture shows snaps but I got the aplix closure.  We have decided that we like aplix/hook and loop closure more than the snaps.

GroVia AIO One Size with Aplix in Plane print

bumGenius One-Size Hook & Loop Closure Cloth Diaper 4.0

The color above is called Clementine and since Cal has so many blue diapers I wanted to mix it up with a fun color.

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap with aplix in Rocket print

This is a sized diaper which I normally steer clear of but I thought I would give one a try. 

I can't wait for my new fluff to arrive!  I am pretty sure that I will be doing reviews of these puppies too once I try them out a couple of times.

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