Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quarter Year

Happy 3 months Cal!  You now have been "outside" for a quarter of a year.  How time flies!

Not a whole lot has changed since your 2 month post.  You have gotten bigger, although I don't know how much bigger since you haven't visited the doctor recently, and you are just an all around happy baby.

Here are some things you have been up to:

* You can officially grasp and hold onto a toy.  You especially love a particular rattle at Nana's and your taggie blanket.  It's fun to watch you shake something (involuntary) and then see your reaction to the noise. 

* You sleep for about a 4 hour stretch at night when you first go to sleep.  This is by far the best part of the night sleep-wise.  If you go to sleep at 8, you wake up around midnight for a bottle.  Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can put your binky in and you will sleep for another hour or two but this doesn't always happen.  After your initial wakeup, you will sleep in two hour increments.  If Mommy is diligent, I can usually put you back in your RNP sleeper.  However, if I am super tired, I cave and bring you to bed with us.  I am okay with this.  It's extra snuggle time.

* You are definitely growing!  You have thigh dimples so I know you aren't lacking in the food department.  You typically will drink about 3 ounces at a time every 2 hours.  This ranges so much though that I don't even like to say this is "typical".  Some days you will graze and some days you drink right on schedule.  During a 24 hour period, you consume the normal average of 25-30 ounces.

* You are wearing 3 month clothing still but are busting out of much of it.  This is partially because of your fluffy cloth diaper but and partially because you are a chunky monkey! 

* You are the happiest baby ever!  You truly only cry if you need one of these things:  Food, a burp, a nap, or a clean diaper.  If all those needs are met, you are perfectly content to sit and just watch the world go by.  You do love having conversation time with Mommy though.  We will often sit on the couch while I hold you and just chat.  You talk up a storm and smile like crazy when we spend time together.

* I would be willing to bet you will officially laugh in the next couple of weeks.  You have come so close a couple of times.  You smile so big and then make a "ha!" sound.  I can't wait to hear you laugh.  I have a feeling you will be a much more active laugher than Jack was. 

* You HATE tummy time.  I will often put you on the floor on your belly for a few minutes to strengthen your neck muscles and see if you will roll over.  You last all of about 2 minutes before you start fussing and then full blown crying.  You have very good strength holding your head up and looking around but I want you to start rocking to try and roll over.  I suppose I wouldn't like being on my belly either, especially after a meal.

Here you are loving on your monkey toy.  The picture covers your face but this is a pretty normal shot of you.  Always shoving toys in your mouth!

I can't wait to hear your stats at your appointment next month.  Your grandpa will be visiting from New Hampshire so we will have lots of fun outings I'm sure. 

We love you Cal!

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  1. I cannot believe he is 3 months old already! Time flies!