Friday, January 18, 2013

Cal's Birthday Party - Details

Since Cal isn't old enough to show an interest in what his "theme" for his party should be, I made the executive decision for a Mickey Mouse birthday.  Every time Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on Disney Junior, he stops what he is doing and waddles to the tv to watch.

Since I am not a crafty person at all, I relied heavily on Pinterest, Etsy and other sources for ideas and crafts.

Here was my inspiration for the invitations:

We got ones that were almost identical with the exception of the font.  The font we had was more "Disney".  They turned out great!

The banner I ordered from Etsy and am so please with how it turned out!  Like the reflection of me in the mirror?  I wore black and red for the occasion.

Close up

Pinterest was my inspiration when it came to the food.  Since the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" show has a Hot Diggety Dog song, I went with that!  

I served Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggety Dogs, Pluto's Pasta Salad and Goofy's Goofy Fruit.  All of the serving bowls came from the Dollar Tree and all the plates, cups, napkins, forks, tablecloth came from Party City.

I made the food tags and used cut outs from Mickey flashcards from the Dollar Tree.

Balloons!  Red, black, white and yellow of course.

My one disappointment was the cake.  When I ordered it, I requested a cake with red icing.  I know red icing can be achieved because the same bakery made Jack's Elmo cake last year.  When the lady at the bakery opened the box, my first words were "It's pink".  Oh well, it tasted great!  Chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling and buttercream frosting.  My very talented friend who is a pastry chef made the cake topper.

See?  It's pink!

Finally, there was the punch table.  I used this recipe for punch and it was a hit!  I laid out the invitations for Jack's birthday, extra invites for Cal and the cookie favors that my awesome friend made.

I love this ribbon too!  I really lucked out when I found it at Michael's.  Hmmm, not sure why the picture shows rotated.

I made the kids birthday hats as well using a template I found online.  Next time, I will make bigger hats because they didn't even fit my peanut head Cal.

All said and done, here is the estimated cost of everything that was spent on the party:

Presents for Cal:  $55
Cake:  $40
Decorations (balloons and banner):  $40
Favors and Cake topper:  $60
Food:  $75
Invites:  $20
Paper goods (napkins, plates, etc.):  $30
Serving items:  $5
Misc (ribbon, favor bags):  $10

Total cost:  $335

I wanted to keep it under $300.  I may have overestimated on the food, but I didn't keep a receipt.

We had a blast and I am proud to say that even though I stole many of the ideas, I made a few things and the party was successful!

Next post:  Party pictures!