Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Favorite Things - Kids Edition

The boys got so many toys for Christmas and birthdays (even though Jack hasn't had his yet) and I want to highlight some of their favorites along with easy shopping links.

Cal got two of these for his birthday and it is a huge hit!  We are keeping one at our house and the other over at my in-laws house.  He adores opening and closing cabinets, doors and drawers so the little doors on this are perfect.  And he presses the doorbell over and over again.  I love that it has a handle to be able to carry it around.  I have toted it to doctor's appointments so he has something to do in the waiting room.

LeapFrog My Discovery House

Each side has different house-related activities (a refrigerator, a bathroom) and there are plenty of knobs, bottons, sliders to keep your little one occupied.  Hopefully Jack won't be embarrassed for me to say this, but he adores it as well.

Fisher Price Little People Music Parade ride-on

This was Cal's "big" gift for his birthday.  Jason and I came up with this gift because Cal loves music and Jason suggested a ride-on toy.  This is the best of both worlds!

Cal is just learning how to actually scoot on this toy.  He goes backwards really well but forwards is taking a little more time.  He absolutely LOVES pressing all the buttons and gears to get the truck to play songs and make music sounds.  I love that it is a small ride on toy and it does more than just drive.  Cal and Jack love that the seat opens up for a secret compartment, perfect for stashing important things like cups and pacis.

Okay, so this isn't a toy but nonetheless, Jack LOVES it.  He requests a dinosaur sandwich almost every day for lunch.  He doesn't eat the crust on his sandwiches so this cutter is perfect for getting rid of the crust as well as make his sandwich fun.

I am going to have to find out where my mother-in-law bought this so I can pick up another shape.  I think he would really like different shapes to change things up a bit.

B Toys Dr. Doctor

Jack got this from Santa and at first, he didn't pay much attention to it.  After a few weeks of visits to our pediatrician due to sickness and well-child checks, he plays with this all the time.  It's almost as if he remembers what the pediatrician did and wants to mimic it.  He walks around with the stethoscope on his neck and asks to listen to my heart.  He also likes using the ear scope and checking for germs in our ears.  It's really sweet and I think it helps him not be scared when he goes to the doctor.

I love having learning toys on hand for my boys and this company has a great message. Toys that inspire creativity while being eco-friendly at the same time.  No extra packaging, boxes that wrap themselves and they give money to help children in need.  Check out their website for fun quotes by real kids.

Bristle Blocks Jungle Adventure Bucket

I.....ahem........Santa picked this bucket up at Costco for a steal and I am glad I did!  Jack and Cal both love it.  Cal has a blast putting two blocks together and then taking them apart over and over again.  Jack builds toy guys (sigh......boys) and huge towers.  Maybe not for the intended purpose but that's okay.

I like that the bucket has a lid where you can build your treasure.  I also like the fun animals, trees and vines that come with this set.  It makes it so much more interesting than just plain ole blocks.

I hope this post might help out someone who is shopping for their toddler.  My kids love it so of course your's will too (ha!).

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