Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

* I haven't been knitting a lot lately.  Due to the fact that I had to take a project out and start over, I lost my momentum.  I think I am going to re-start it tonight though.  Knitting is good for my soul.  Plus, I need to get back into the swing because I am going to a Stitch and Bitch gathering on the 27th.

* My birthday is coming up and I haven't made any plans.  If anyone asks me what I want, I am going to request a massage, a pedicure and a night off from the boys.  Maybe my in-laws will watch them overnight.  It would be awesome to sleep in and just enjoy watching Food Network with no interruptions.

* Cal is cutting his left canine tooth and he's miserable.  I would love for him to get back to his regular sleeping pattern because waking up 6-7 times a night is exhausting for all of us.

* Speaking of sleep, what is with Jack and getting up at 5:00 and climbing into bed with us or joining me on the couch?  I often end up on the couch because Jason snores so badly.  Jack bounds out from his bedroom, shuts his door and climbs onto the couch with me and goes back to sleep.  I am starting to wonder if he's having bad dreams.

* I ordered a potty training book off of a recommendation from Erin.  Flame away.  Jack isn't potty trained.  He will pee on the toilet if prompted but has only pooped twice.  He flat out refuses to poop.  This book is written for different kinds of personalities and types of children.  Maybe it will work?  One can only hope.

* I want to start running.  I went shopping with my Christmas money and got shoes and running clothes.  I just need to start.  My only problem is figuring out what to do in terms of a stop watch.  Any ideas?  The Couch to 5K program goes in intervals and I don't have a watch or timer to be able to figure out my intervals and when to run and walk.

* We are all taking probiotics in our house.  After the nasty stomach bug we all had, some of us still are having "bathroom" issues.  I am hoping the probiotics get our guts back in working order.

* Thank God for Augmentin.  I have no more signs of a sinus infection.  After a day of taking pills, I was feeling so much better and my head didn't feel like exploding.

That is about it for now.  I still owe my readers (like I actually have many, ha!) two posts about Cal's birthday.


  1. I hope the book helps you! Nothing flammable about a 3 year old who isn't trained yet. Early training is very much in style right now, but the kids don't know that. :) The book does mention that almost all kids will at least start to want to potty train by age 3.5.

  2. No grief from me on the potty training. Ella JUST started pooping on the potty without us having to force her on there. It's like something finally clicked and she was ready. About the running, do you have a phone you could download the C25K app on? That way it times it for you and prompts you when to run and when to walk.
    I think I'm getting sick after everyone in my house had sickies and I thought I had it beat. Today I just feel kind of blah and my ear hurts. Glad you're all feeling better finally!

  3. I love the term "Stitch & Bitch." I bought a fairly cheap stopwatch at Target ($7). I don't use b/c I used my phone. If I can find the stopwatch, I'll mail it to you if you want it!