Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catch Up - Christmas

Christmas this year was so much fun!  Jack had been so excited for Christmas and presents for months.  He was asking about Santa even before Halloween was here.

We started our Christmas by taking the kids to see Santa.  I dressed them up in their Christmas gear and made them pose for a picture.

Gotta love Cal's black eye.  He can thank brother for throwing a toy at him.

The boys were great and neither of them freaked out when they saw Santa.  The resulting picture?

Cal isn't looking at the camera but when he did, we couldn't get him to smile anyways.  My kids are so funny.

Christmas Eve was spent over at my in-law's.  We had a wonderful ham dinner and then opened presents from Mamo and Cliff.  I have to show off my coconut cake.  It reminded me of a snowball.

After changing into matching Christmas jammies and heading home, we set out cookies for Santa and read Elf on a Shelf one last time before putting Jack in bed.

Santa visited our home sometime in the middle of the night.  I promise all these gifts are not for just the kids.  And it doesn't help that our tree is tiny so this picture looks out of scale.

Santa left the boys a couple of unwrapped gifts and of course, their stockings.  Jack asked for a motorcycle (we have no idea where this came from) and since Cal can't talk much yet, Santa decided a play tunnel might be kind of fun.

Both boys woke up bright and early and they were so excited to see Santa had come.  I am not 100% certain Cal knew what was going on but Jack sure did.

Jason got up so the boys could open stockings and then we all got ready for the day.  It's a tradition for us to open gifts over at Mike and Lynn's, so we loaded up the car and headed over.  We ate our Christmas rolls and other breakfast foods to get our energy up.  Because Oh.My.God, look at all these presents.

The morning was spent with family and enjoying our new things.  We are were spoiled beyond belief.  I am very very glad I had cleaned out all the boys "old" toys to make room for Christmas.  Our house isn't completely overrun with toys now.

Some more photos of our morning.

After a nap we headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's for some family time.  I wish I had taken more pictures because their house is so beautifully decorated and they had the most amazing spread of yummy food laid out.

Jack opening presents.  Side note:  He wanted to open EVERYONE'S gifts.  We actually caught him a couple of times opening things that didn't belong to him.

All three kiddos along with my cousin Abby.

After the day's activities, this pretty much sums up the end of the day.  Cal crashed in Daddy's arms over at my Aunt's.

It was a busy and crazy and fun Christmas.  I love that Jack knew exactly what was going on and was having such a good time.  To think that next year Cal is going to be of the age to understand too.

Merry Belated Christmas everyone!

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  1. It must be an almost 3 year old thing to want to open other people's presents! haha