Monday, May 7, 2012

Awesome Weekend

I honestly can't remember a time that I had such a great weekend.  It was definitely one of the best ones I (we) have had in a long time.

On Friday, Jack went to Nana's and to JJ Jump which he loves.  He had a blast at "Jump pace" (jump place).  I went to a cute boutique near me called Bella Stella and purchased an Ergo baby carrier.  I have been wanting a carrier more substantial than my Moby for longer trips to the zoo and something lighter weight for the summer.  I got a fun purple color and love it!  Cal seems to love it as well.

After doing our weekly grocery shopping we had a nice dinner over at my in-laws house.

Saturday was Jason and my date day.  We dropped both boys off at my in-laws and headed to our dual massage appointment.  I had a new massage therapist since my last two have quit unexpectedly.  I have a curse when it comes to massage therapists!  Kristen was great and I walked out of the massage completely relaxed.  Jason was reluctant to go in the first place but I insisted.  He has back issues and lifts heavy babies all day so he needed the rubbing.  Well after his appointment he is officially hooked.  We have another appointment in a month.

After our massages, we had a nice lunch next door.  We ate, talked, and spent some quality time together.

I insisted we head up to Vancouver to a cloth diaper store I had been wanting to check out for quite some time.  Oh my.  I was in cloth diaper heaven.  It is probably good that Jason was there with me because I would have spent a fortune otherwise.  I did buy one new diaper that I don't have in my stash (A BumGenius Freetime) as well as a swim diaper for Mr. Cal.  We plan on taking a trip to a nearby water park soon and I want Cal to have a swim diaper.

Since I forced Jason into the cloth diaper store, we made the trek to Walmart so he could look at prices for one of his hobbies.

By the time we got back to my in-laws' it was 6:00 and Jack was eating dinner.  We didn't intend for him to eat over there but it worked out fine.  It is less work for me when we get home!  Jason headed out for game night shortly after we arrived home and I settled down for a night with my boys.

I got Cal down to bed around 8:30 after quite a struggle.  He was double swaddled and wasn't happy about it.  I am trying to get him to sleep better after a few weeks of "eh" sleep.  To my surprise, he slept from 8:30 to 3:30.


He made up for it by waking up every hour after that though.

On Sunday, Lynn came over and took Cal to church and I had a surprise for Jack.  We stopped at Target for some water wings and then it was off to the pool!  It's an indoor facility with a big water slide and he had a blast!  I put him on my lap and we went down the slide over and over again.

Jack took to the water like a fish.  He had no fear and was splashing around and jumping into the deep end.

Every time we would go down the slide, he would go underwater, come up for air and then yell "Do it again!".  I swear we went down that slide about 10 times.

Jack crashed hard at nap time after all the excitement.  I took advantage of two sleeping babies and left the husband at home on childcare duty and headed to Costco and then grabbed a pizza on the way home.

I got so much done this weekend and got to spend quality time with all my boys.

It truly was one of the best weekends we have had.


  1. I just love a good weekend! Oz loves the pool too... we should meet up for a pool date!

  2. Sounds like an Amazing weekend! Glad you got some pampering in for yourself!

  3. You will love the BG Freetime. I switched all of our BG 4.0s to Freetimes. I HATE stuffing, so they are amazing! I wish we had an indoor waterpark around here! Lucky!